Tableau Conference on Tour landed in Berlin!

If you love data — the storytelling, the inspiring calls to action, the success it brings to your business — Tableau Conference On Tour, Berlin is where you belong. Network with hundreds of change-makers from every industry.

Get answers to your toughest questions. Get inspired by stellar Tableau and customer keynote speakers. Craft your personal learning journey with hands-on training sessions and one-on-one Tableau Doctor appointments.

And best of all, have an amazing experience with the Tableau community – complete with data people as smart and solution-driven as you!


Plan Your Tableau Conference on Tour 17 Berlin Experience and find out what else you can do in Berlin.

Learn more about the event:

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+ Fellow data artists this is your moment: Show off your vizzing skills to claim Lululemon gear at Tableau Conference!

Join the #FitData17 viz competition for a chance to win gear at TC17 | Tableau Software

+ Learn how to use benchmarks in Tableau with Yvan Fornes! His different approaches and vizzes are mind-blowing.

Two approaches to benchmarking with Tableau | Tableau Software

+ Of course, the Tableau on Tour Conference, Berlin, started today! Are you attending this exciting event? 11-13 September.




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Most Talked about Thread

Angela Torres needed help with downgrading a file from 10.3 to 10.2 using notepad and changing the version.

1827 views and 10 comments, Joe Oppelt dived in with a proper solution!

Convert .twb in 10.3 to 10.2 version

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