Happy Monday all - hopefully everyone had a great weekend and you found a way to beat the heat! It seems the worst is over for Seattle, but we are also keeping a watchful eye on our EMEA friends and the 'Lucifer' heat wave.


An oldie but a goodie Viz to put this all in perspective comes from Tableau Zen Master and Ambassador Andy Kriebel, with his "How Warm is Earth Becoming?" viz for Makeover Monday last year. This viz has almost 4k views, and it's easy to see why. Andy breaks down the data, and how he starts with rebuilding a radial chart, to a heat map with the time-based data. He finally took a ten-year average and came up with this interactive viz:

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 11.11.01 AM.png


+ The Tableau Developer Platform team is excited to announce a virtual JavaScript API hackathon. #DataDev Hackathon is underway from August 4-14, and the winner will receive a free pass to Tableau Conference 2017 at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas! Learn more on the Tableau blog: Announcing Developer hackathon - Win a free pass to TC17!


+ We are excited to announce that Patrick Byrne has joined Support Programs’ Community and Social team as Associate Technical Program Manager for the online Community and other social channels. He started on the team 1st August and is based in Seattle. You’ll be able to find him in the Community already as he’s been active in there for several months. Here’s what he has to say about himself …


Hi Everyone!


My name is Patrick Byrne, I was raised in the Seattle area even though I was born on the East coast (Delaware). I love to attend live music of all sorts, as well as venturing to the outdoors for camping (from car to backpacking). I started my career with Tableau on December 31st, 2015 as a Technical Support Specialist, moving to Technical Support Engineer the following October. Working in Tier1 of Technical Support for a little over a year and a half I have gained invaluable insight into customer frustrations as well as technical knowledge of the Tableau products.


Moving forward, I am beyond excited for our upcoming product lines (Project Maestro and the implementation of Hyper) and to tackle the challenges of supporting brand new products.


I look forward to working with all the various teams and departments. Feel free to reach out and say hello!






Congratulations to Kaz Shakir and Michael Someck for achieving the Questions for Breakfast badge! Thank you both for helping so many people in the community - it has not gone unnoticed! We hope to continue see you around.


Most Talked about Thread

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Tim Boudreau had a question about Map won't load - too large of dataset? He is trying to plot 100,000 latitude/longitude points on a map overlay. Catherine Brown has been helping to troubleshoot, but this remains unanswered. Check out the thread and see if you can help Tim find a solution.


Top Voted Idea

The top voted idea this week is Multi-Values Parameters by Loïc Grange with a net of over 1,200 votes and +5more just from the last week. There are 121 comments on this Idea.


In other news

  • Lari McEdward, a Tableau employee and training expert, shared a great viz on 5 Millennia of Eclipses with data from NASA on Tableau Public. We would love to hear your eclipse viewing plans if you are in North America!


That's all I've got for this week. Have a great one and until next time, happy analyzing!


As usual, feel free to send submissions, suggestions, or comments to community@tableau.com