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Dun dun dududun dun dududun: Games of Thrones is coming back and we've got a fabulous viz fromannabelle rincon!

Which GoT character has the highest probability of ruling Westeros? Check out her viz to find out: Tableau Public

And remember... No spoil!





+ Seven years ago we launched @TableauPublic. The community has spoken by uploading 1,000,000 vizzes!

Check out the #1,000,000 viz: Tableau Public hits 1 million vizzes


+ Calling all developers! We're excited to announce our virtual JavaScript API Hackathon: Developer Hackathon - win a FREE pass to TC17!

And don't miss our JavaScript API FB Live this Friday 4t of August, 11am PST.



+ Fantastic ratio from Michael Someck this week! 15 out of 29 of his replies are correct 1 helpful which make him the most accurate on the Community forums this week. Yeah, I think it deserves a round of applause (and a few beers, but everything is an excuse to drink in Ireland )

Thank you everyone, helping on the forums is one of the most amazing things with this community: you're so friendly and love to help each others!

Keep it up



Most Talked about Thread

This last week, Ken Muir had a question about how to manipulate the data so he could see exactly what location the product is in at any date with SQL Custom Query.

Filling in the missing dates

kettan jumped in for a solution! Jonathan Drummey added a nice touch to the already existing content.



In other news

+ Tableau 10.4 Beta is available! If you are interested in exploring the many new features, check out the blog and get signed up by sending an email to betateam@tableau.com. Learn more here: Get Tableau 10.4 beta to better collaborate on trusted data | Tableau Software


+ Lucky you! The last-chance discount for the Tableau Conference 2017 has been extended - save $100 until next Friday!

Tableau Conference 2017 | Las Vegas | October 9-12 | #data17


+ Andy Kirk of Visualizing Data is kicking off a crowd-sourced project, The Chartmaker Directory. It’s “an attempt to gather and organise a useful catalogue of references that will offer people a good sense of what charts can be made using which tools and, where necessary, how.”

Want to get involved? Submit examples (un-filled circles) or tutorials/how-to (filled circles) for the various chart types using Tableau! (Note that examples and tutorials can only be submitted via a link, so they must be posted online.)


From Andy:

“On the top left you will find the + button which offers a simple three-step process to allow contributors to suggest a link to either an example or tutorial of a chart being made by a specified tool. Multiple references are welcome for the same chart-tool combination but, inevitably, plugging the gaps as much as possible is a key goal, initially at least.

Submitted suggestions will be received on email and considered for inclusion, please don't expect them to automatically appear in the directory.

For more information about the project, check out Andy’s blog.



Any suggestions or things you want to add to the Weekly Digest? Send your submissions to community@tableau.com!

Happy analyzing!