Happy Wednesday everyone! There was a bit of a learning curve tracking down all the data I needed to put together my first digest so I apologize on the delay! I look forward to this becoming a seamless process and working hard to support the Tableau Community!


To carry on a tradition from Diego I want to share a “Today in History.”


“On this day in 1799, during Napoleon Bonaparte’s Egyptian campaign, a French soldier discovers a black basalt slab inscribed with ancient writing near the town of Rosetta*” -- the Rosetta Stone! As a lover of learning new languages and exploring new cultures I thought this would be great to share. I feel strongly that knowing and understanding data connects people in new and unique ways and I love to find new ways to tell stories with data in Tableau. Please share your stories of how using data, Tableau, or learning a new language has helped you break down barriers in the comments below!


+ Check out these great Vizzes on Tableau Public on language to learn more: + Are We Speaking The Same Language? by Bridget Winds Cogley + Colorful Language of the Bible by Robert Rouse + What is the ‘Best’ Second Language to Learn? by Michael Brinn and Mike Cisneros


*source: History.com http://histv.co/1JBW8K





+ Former Community Manager Tracy Rodgers wrote a great blog to help you “Learn how the Tableau community is using IT data to gain insights that drive decision”. She learned that It organizations are challenged to integrate and blend data, that it's important to quickly understand what's happening, and that Tableau dashboards are used as a consolidated monitoring tool for IT organizations. Check out the full blog for more information. Great work Tracy! 


+ Tableau Product Manager for Maps and Spatial Analysis Kent Marten is looking for feedback from customers who work with maps and spatial data. From Kent, “I am organizing a customer study to learn more about how you use spatial data in Tableau. We have had a ton of feedback over the years, but since the release of the spatial file connector in Tableau 10.2, there's been a surge in interest in mapping in Tableau. I want to make sure that we're aligned with our customers and building the right features and capabilities into the coming releases.
Follow this link to the thread to participate: https://community.tableau.com/message/641731



+ Congratulations to Michael Someck and Kaz Shakir who all earned “Questions for Breakfast” badges! More than 25 of your responses have been marked as correct. Thank you for your dedication to the Tableau Community!


Most Talked about Thread

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Malini Ram started a discussion on “6 measures total, 4 need to be as bars and two as lines. This thread received 18 responses and over 150 views this week. Hari Ankem has been a huge help on this thread but it is still not resolved. Can you help?


In other news

+ We shared this last week but would like to again highlight that the Tableau 10.4 Beta is now available! If you are interested in exploring the many new features, check out the blog and get signed up by sending an email to betateam@tableau.com. Learn more here: Get Tableau 10.4 beta to better collaborate on trusted data | Tableau Software


That’s all I have for my first post! Please feel free to send submissions or suggestions to community@tableau.com


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