Happy May Day! I hope everyone had a great weekend - I did, I went skydiving for the first (and probably last) time! In honor of that, I'm sharing this Tableau Public viz created by Lawrence Fsadni:





In case you missed it, last week Nai Louza and Kyle Gupton hosted a Think Data Thursday on Accessibility. It was an awesome presentation! To see the recording and all the supporting resources, visit: Think Data Thursday: Designing Tableau Dashboards for Accessibility - April 27th, 2017 @ 8am PDT


This week, Phil Naranjo, the PM for the dashboarding team here at Tableau, will be hosting a Developer Office Hours: Dashboarding. This will be your opportunity to see what his team has been working on, share feedback, and ask any questions regarding dashboards that you'd like. Do note, his team does not work on formatting - so please limit any questions in regards to that. Have questions to ask before hand or want to share, join the conversation here: Ask us anything about dashboarding!


Do you use Tableau Data Server? Let us know!


Are you always looking for ways to improve your analytics skills? Check out this guest blog post by Tableau Social Media Ambassador, Eva Murray to see some of her tips - 7 ways to advance your analytics career




Walt Reed received the "Questions for Breakfast!" badge - meaning that at least 25 of his responses have been marked as correct by someone else. Walt has been a member of the community for just over 6 months and already he is making some major contributions. Thanks for all you've done Walt, and we hope to continue to see you in the community



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christine kelly asked the question How do I create a waterfall /(flying bricks/bridge) chart ? By working closely with Deepak Rai. they were able to get exactly what Christine was looking for - within an hour! Talk about the value of getting a quick answer in the community!


Top Voted Idea

ISO8601 WeekDate rules applied in Tableau   [RELEASED | 2018.2] was created by none other than Patrick Van Der Hyde, and it's been gaining a lot of traction. This week it had over 20 votes, and though there are some workarounds, it clearly is still relevant.



In Other News


That's all I've got for this week - have a great one! Per usual, feel free to send any comments, suggestions, or feedback to the community team at community@tableau.com


Happy Analyzing!