Good morning everyone and welcome to the work week! I hope everyone had a great weekend. As I enjoy doing, let's start with a bit of "Today in History". Today in 1964, at the World's Fair in Flushing Meadows, New York, the very first Ford Mustang was introduced to much acclaim. The iconic American car is still in production and originals are still a hot commodity around the world. Read more on



Our Tableau 10.3 Beta is in full-swing and we need YOUR feedback to make the release as great as possible. So join the beta and try out new features like Recommended Tables and Smart Joins!


Notable Community veteran Rody Zakovich has published a useful blog: Save time and stay consistent with a template of calculated fields. It's a useful read!


As a former journalism student, I find this particularly awesome: Ben Jones has published a blog detailing our New curriculum for data journalism programs.


You can still Join us in Vegas, October 9-13th and Save $200 with the early bird discount until April 21st.



Lisa Li recently achieved the "I Know Stuff!" badge by having at least 10 responses marked as correct. Looking through past responses, Lisa is a calculations wiz who provides helpful and friendly answers. We're lucky to have you. Thanks for participating :-)


Most Talked about Thread

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K Raj posted a question about Displaying Current Quarter by Default in a Date Filter. He was lucky enough to get great help by Tableau Ambassadors Shinichiro Murakami and Norbert Maijoor but it was Okechukwu Ossai who ultimately came up with the correct answer!


Top Voted Idea

Last week's top idea is the ability to set the width of individual columns based on content. Thierry Jakircevic asked the question in 2012 and it has been one of our most popular requests since.


In Other News


Enjoy the week everyone!