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Most Talked About Thread

  • This thread contains 10 very long comments. It looks like a battle happened in there, but the result is a huge WIN thanks to Simon Runc!

The question is from Esther Twain, about LOD expression for 'difference from overall average'.

Any issue with the same topic? Check it out.


  • In the same category, Cameron Taylor wanted to create a filter based on sets with intersecting data.

Shinichiro Murakami, Shawn Wallwork, and Toby Erkson stood up and unleashed Data solution. Well done everyone, love it!

Creating Filter Based on Sets with Intersecting Data



Most Viewed Thread

  • 675 views: Ammar Khwaira wanted to show 5 donuts on a row and the other 5 on another row.

It is a technical solution to a simple-looking problem, as it sometimes occurs on our forums.

If you are interested in this as well, the thread is here: Multiple donut charts in single sheet/dashboard



Top Voted Idea

When a schedule is created on Tableau Server all users who have publisher permissions can use any schedule. This is a problem when you have mid-day extract refreshes for things like published data sources but you want to limit your self-service publishers to only be able to refresh extracts during non-peak hours.

Do you also feel the same way as Michael Moore does? Comment and upvote this idea!

All the details and wanted feature are here: https://community.tableau.com/ideas/6978



In Other News

  • Don't forget to use the Helpful and Correct features on our forums. They are really useful to everyone by increasing stats, gaining time to other users looking for a solution to their problems, as well as better referencing threads on search tools.


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