Good morning Data-rockstars,

It's already end of January, I feel like I'm still eating foie gras and fabulous onions-marmelade, salmon, and turkey. Oh the foie gras... but today we'll cheer you up with fantastic ideas, threads and lovely things about you: the community. Stay awesome!



◘ Announcements


→ Meet the 2017 Tableau Ambassadors

The Tableau Ambassadors make the Tableau community what it is. They demonstrate the leadership, respect, and collaborative spirit that we value in our community members.

On behalf of the rest of the community, thank you to each of you.


Have you ever noticed that when you go to different places in the Tableau community, Public, User Groups, ... certain people continue to pop up, always answering questions, posting interesting vizzes, or sharing helpful content? Meet the 2017 Tableau ambassadors!

We're also super excited to have Chris McClellan, Donna Coles, Lei Chen join this group! Welcome back Norbert Maijoor!!

You will be able to recognize our ambassadors on the forums thanks to their blue badge.

Tableau ambassador badge.jpg




→ Deriving Time to First Event from Longitudinal Data Using Level of Detail Calculations

Aaron Sheldon created a very detail topic, a core analysis in longitudinal data. Make sure to read it!



◘ Recognition

A well-deserved shout out to Jamieson Christian for achieving the "Questions for Breakfast!" badge by having 25 responses marked as a correct answer. Jamieson's answers are consistently well thought-out and helpful and we're lucky to have him!



◘ Most Talked About Thread

**This is determined by the number of responses to a thread

Thread: Drawing a stacked bar chart from complementary fields - 10 comments

Naumaan Nayyar's first post in the forums is about drawing a bar chart. Our ambassador Chris is helping him, but we always welcome more brains for different approaches to the issues!

Thanks to everyone who can participate and help our users in the forums



◘ Most Viewed Thread

Thread: how to display only combined categories on a map - 154 views

The fabulous Joe Oppelt nailed it: Correct Answer!

If you also have an issue with combined categories and maps, head there.



◘ Top Voted Idea

Idea:  - 12 upvotes, 100% upvotes

The more our end users depend on a Calendar (Date Parameter), they want to see it visually appealing and realistic.

Calendar should reveal, which days should have underlying data points.

Of course, this should be a top-up feature, and I want to retain all the existing calendar features.

If you also would like better calendars in Tableau, feel free to upvote the idea from Rahul Upadhye!



◘ In Other News


Enjoy your week everyone!