Good afternoon everyone and welcome to this week's digest. As I enjoy doing, let's start with "Today in History". Today in 1957 the toy company Wham-O produced the first Frisbee which sold over 100 million units in its first 20 years and is now a household staple! Read more HERE.



Craig Bloodworth presented an awesome Think Data Thursday last week:Using the REST API to TabCommunicate. If you missed it, you can watch it HERE. More Think Data Thursday to come later!

Tableau 10.2 Beta is here! Cut data-prep time with these enhancements in Tableau 10.2


Want to go beyond training videos? Try extension activities



A well-deserved shout out to Jamieson Christian for achieving the "Questions for Breakfast!" badge by having 25 responses marked as a correct answer. Jamieson's answers are consistently well thought-out and helpful and we're lucky to have him!


Most Talked About Thread

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These posts are my favorite. Bob Snyder asked for help with upgrading his excel connections utilizing the legacy connection to the native Tableau 10 connector. He needed to replace SQL with unions and Tom W was able to describe how. Then they discussed the issue in further detail and when Bob started experiencing unexpected behavior, he was able to work through the issue and solve it. Check out the full thread here: Upgrade away from Excel (Legacy) connection



Most Viewed Thread

Last week's most viewed thread comes from mark schukas who asked about a Dashboard navigation "workaround". Mark wanted help passing actions with filters between dashboards. Matthew Risley stepped in to provide the first part of the solution and Matthias Goossens has helped refine the behavior but Mark could still use more help. See if you can find a solution!



Top Voted Idea    

One of our most requested ideas makes it back to the top this week Horizontal Scrollbar on tables [RELEASED | 2019.4]. Keep voting it up and get our devs' attention.


In Other News

Data prep is key to getting the most out of your Tableau analysis and that's especially true for survey data. Luckily we have a handy new article to help you get survey data ready for analysis: How to prep your survey data using only Tableau 10 and beyond.


Want to see what's coming in tech, data, and retail analysis? Check out our predictions here: 6 trends that will shape retail in 2017


Enjoy your week everyone!