Happy Monday!


I'm glad to see that Patrick and some of you already got some snow... but I live in Dublin. Here, the only snow we know is liquid. Yes, like water in fact, and I'm super jealous of your snow.

Feel free to send a parcel of snow to the Dublin's office

Yay rain, don't we love it.






     Community! The next Think Data Thursday will occur this week, January 19th at 8:00 AM PST

We will be with Zen Master, Craig Bloodworth. He will walk through his learning aid called TabCommunicate. Aimed at both novice and experienced coders alike, TabCommunicate helps to remove the barriers to entry for people by providing an interface to easily fire off REST API calls to your own Tableau Server. Don't miss it!

Register here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/1aad1941e85d3f8ad746f627e8486654


     ◘ Learn how to create astounding hex tiles maps in Tableau thanks to Kevin Taylor.

Join in some plotting data, add a hexagon file to your custom shapes, do some dragging and dropping, and voilá! You’ve got a beautiful hex-tile map visualization.

Learn more: Viz Whiz: Use hex-tile maps to eliminate the Alaska effect  | Tableau Software


     ◘ I love visualisations, and I was so stunned by our latest blog!

Improve your skills at Tableau by better thinking about Spatial Context, Colours, Icons, Shapes, and Symbols.

Learn more: 3 ways psychological schemas can improve your data visualization  | Tableau Software




Congratulations to sree rao who recently gone beyond the rank of Data Rockstar, he is now "Trendline Setter"! Sree often helps the users on our forums. Thanks for your help, keep it up!



Most Talked About Thread

**This is determined by the number of responses to a thread

The thread Tableau in JIVE is getting multiple posts but we haven't been able to solve it... YET!

Please, help David Angarita, we're his only hope



Most Viewed Thread

12.195 views! The thread whats the difference bewteen desktop and desktop professional? has been formulated by Stan Clarke, and Shawn Wallwork nailed it.

Well explained, now you know!



Top Voted Idea

Would you be interested in a widget app that wouldn't require Tableau to be launched on your mobile? I would!

18 upvotes this week.

Upvote/comment: Widgets for Tableau mobile



In Other News

  • We love to hear feedback from the community members about what makes this place work and what we can do to improve things.  Shawn Wallwork kicked off a great discussion on this topic in the Community Canvas area titled Philosophical Question... . A great thread from some of community ambassadors about what makes this place tick.  Feel free to leave your own comments.
  • You may have noticed that we recently modified the Start a New Discussion page to encourage our guests to add a packaged workbook and the version of Tableau that they are using to the post that is being created.   Ambassador Joe Oppelt created a thread last week that gets to the hear of why that version piece is so helpful.  Why we ask for a workbook, and WHY I ASK FOR YOUR TABLEAU VERSION!! - give it a read and share around.



Until next time, happy analyzing!


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