Happy Tuesday everyone and welcome to 2017! Another late start to the week with US offices closed on Monday but we're switching back into gear with this week's digest. As usual (with me), let's take a look at Today in History. Today in 1959, President Eisenhower signed a proclamation making Alaska the 49th and largest US State ... Read more here. Personally, one of my Seattle bucket list items is to take the ferry to Alaska. Maybe even stop in to see our Anchorage User Group!



Andy Cotgreave posted an interesting article entitled What can data-viz authors learn from punks? | Tableau Software. It's a great read!


In two weeks we have the Tableau Administrators Virtual User Group. REGISTER HERE



This week we'd like to recognize a Tableau employee and general Tableau expert Russell Christopher. Even before officially joining Tableau, Russell has been a well of knowledge and helps to answer some of the trickiest questions that come up. He clearly has a passion for helping our users and we're all fortunate to have him. Thanks again :-)


Most Talked About Thread

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Jennifer Sanchez asked a question about having Multiple KPI's for Multiple Measures in a Text Table and was lucky enough to have Norbert Maijoor step in an provide some help. Thanks Jennifer for posting and thanks Norbert for another amazing solution!


Most Viewed Thread

Irfan Mohammed is receiving an error when trying to publish a Google Analytics connected workbook to Tableau Server. lenaic.ridinger and Patrick Van Der Hyde asked some scoping questions but ultimately I recommended letting our Support team take a look. Hopefully we got a solution shortly!


Top Voted Idea

One of our most popular ideas took the top spot this past week: Multi-Values Parameters. Loïc Grange asked for the ability to have parameters allow for multiple selections. If you agree, vote it up!



I hope everyone has a great first week of the new year!