OH OH OH, December is here already!

Data Santa will be coming shortly, we hope that you have all been nice this year


Let's see what's new in the Community.




We've created a Tableau Starter Kit to help you get going with Tableau. Even if you're already comfortable with Tableau, these are great resources to brush up on: Author a Viz | Tableau Software


Oh, the joy that was TC16! Some 13,000 of you joined us for a week of learning and connecting over all things data. Read Martha Kang's summary of TC16!



Shinichiro Murakami is still super helpful on the forums and very knowledgeable! A big round of applause for him, we are very honored to have such a fantastic member in our community.


Most Talked About Thread

27 comments on Curved Lines - Never Ending Story by Bas Groothedde. Flights paths are always super interesting to me, I followed the issue and saw the community helping him with success. Congrats everyone!

Aaah, Curved lines


Most Viewed Thread

777 views for rohail khan and his thread: Disaster recovery plan. The solution haven't been found yet. Will this number shed light on his issue? Be a data hero and jump here to help Rohai!


Top Voted Idea

We're happy when you provide us with your best Ideas , so jump in and create yours or upvote the ones you would love to see in Tableau!

Tableau Public - Live Connection has 15 upvotes this week. If you want to voice your support, be sure to vote up the idea!


Thanks everyone, and happy analyzing!