Happy Halloween everyone and welcome to this week's Community Digest! For our U.S. Community users, see what your state's most popular Halloween candy is on THIS total unverified and scientifically questionable website! How Snickers doesn't take the top spot in every state is beyond me.


Alaska — Snickers



Tableau Conference 2016 is officially SOLD OUT! If you're still hoping to attend, contact your sales rep to join the waiting list. If you'll be there, be sure to attend our Community and TUG Meetup!


Most Talked about Thread

Last week's most talked about thread is Concatenated list of values in a tool tip for a pie chart, posted by Felicha Wolf. This thread got some great minds involved with Norbert Maijoor, Sherzodbek Ibragimov, and Jonathan Drummey stepping in to provide solutions and opinions!


Most Viewed Thread

Vishal D's post Cumulative sum calculated field is last week's most viewed thread and is quite a treat with Vishal and Shinichiro Murakami exchanging 36 back-and-forth posts to figure out a tricky calculation.


Top Voted Idea

Shawn Wallwork's popular ideaStop Changing Filters & Colors When Replacing Data Source continues to gain votes (from this humble writer as well), gaining last week's top spot!


In Other News


- Tableau 10.1 includes the ability to Connect Directly to Your Anaplan Data. Try it out in our 10.1 Beta!


- Michael Hesser started a fascinating discussion in Viz Talk: How do YOU visualize TIME?



- Annabelle Rincon created a super helpful document on How to add pictures on a folder in Tableau Server. Then Toby Erkson gave his own method as well!



- Some of our best Server minds chimed in on a discussion by Tableau Product Manager Mark Wu: How to help our IT peers to use Tableau everyday?


Enjoy your week everyone!