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Can you believe that October is over half way done.  Some people love Christmas but I'm all about Halloween.  Do you have a creepy clown outfit this year or maybe you are going as your least favorite political candidate?  Whatever your choice, it's time to get that candy stocked, the pumpkins cut and the makeup ready.  Boooooo




There's just a few weeks until TC16 in Austin. There's still time to sign up! Check out more information here: Tableau Conference 2016 | Austin, TX | November 7-11 | #data16  Don't miss the chance to meet up with everyone here to finally put a face with a name at the Community Meetup on Tuesday at 2:45 (Learn | Tableau Conference 2016 ).  Have you earned a Community Badge?  Come by Community Alley and pick up a sticker of your favorite badge to display on your TC Badge.


We have completed the first Ideas archiving project as mentioned here Community Update: Ideas to be archived.  Archiving older ideas helps keep the current ones relevant.


Last week, Emily Kund, and Ravi Mistry joined together to present an great Think Data Thursday titled "Constant Learning and the Beauty of Mistakes".  Check it out at the link on YouTube if you missed it.



Most Talked about Thread

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Maziiar Abadi  had a question about converting [hh]:mm in an excel cell into workdays (assuming a workday is 8 hours).    praveen p offered a suggestion utilizing a calculated field however the source data does work with this suggestion.   Mahfooj Khan stepped up to assist with an initial reply that broke up the answer by DD:HH:MM:SS after converting the original field to seconds.  After a few more comments back and forth,  Mahfooj provides a calculation that will work to provide the result in numbers of 8 hour days.    Maz had some additional questions about formatting the view and Mahfooj suggests that rather than applying another calculation to the view, it would be better to use the Tableau formatting features.



Most Viewed Thread

New user, Peter Gabe  (Welcome Peter) asked a question about replacing the value of a field based on the condition that the field has a specific value in the data.   Alex Xu provides the first response using a conditional if/then else statement based on the string value of the field.  One of the Tableau Ambassadors, Shinichiro Murakami stepped in with a table calculation soltuion and even built up an example workbook for Peter to refer to.   Peter responded with a thank you and a question related to changing the view to a stacked bar chart but the solutions are quite complex.  Yuriy Fal stepped in with a working final view but making clear that the answer might too complicated to be useful and showing how and why LOD Calcs can be so useful if your data allows them.



Top Voted Idea

Loic Grange created Multi-Values Parameters four years ago and this has gone through many iterations over time.  The idea received another 6 upvotes this last week.  Check out the comments for various ideas to help and some workarounds.



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