Good morning, afternoon, and evening to the Tableau Community! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend, and are ready for the week. Mondays can be rough, so hopefully taking a peek into what's been going on in the community over the last week, will help to inspire and motivate you for this week. Let's take a look.



There's less than one month left until TC16 in Austin. There's still time to sign up! Check out more information here: Tableau Conference 2016 | Austin, TX | November 7-11 | #data16  Don't miss the chance to meet up with everyone here to finally put a face with a name at the Community Meetup on Tuesday at 2:45 (Learn | Tableau Conference 2016 ).


You may have seen that we're doing some cleanup of the Ideas. This will help ideas be more relevant - Community Update: Ideas to be archived


Last week, Mark Wu, Jeff Strauss, and Michael Perillo hosted an amazing Virtual Tableau Administrators meeting. Check it out on the front page of the Server Administration.


Just getting started with Tableau and want to know more about the best way to distribute it? Check out 5 Tips for Sharing Data and Dashboards with Tableau | Tableau Software .




Congratulations to Andrew Watson who achieved the "Answer Wizard" badge! 100+ of his responses have been marked as correct! That is quite the feat, and speaks to how helpful Andrew has been in helping out this community. Thank you for all that you've done Andrew!


Congratulations also to, Luciano Vasconcelos, and Tableau's Dmitry Chirkov who have all received the "Question Slayer" badge. That's right, they've had at least 50 of their responses marked as correct, and have also been major assets to the community over the last many months. Thank you to all three of you and we hope to continue seeing you around here


Check out the new Tableau Ambassador page: Tableau Ambassadors | Tableau Software!



Most Talked about Thread

**This is determined by the number of responses to a thread

Diego Souza had a question about a Custom calculation Graphical bar. This is an example of Luciano Vasconcelos stepping in to help a fellow community member. There wasn't much to go off of originally, but Luciano was able to get some of the data out of Diego that was needed, and showed how to use an LOD calculation to create what he was looking for. Diego, however, also needed to filter, but was unable to do so using the calculation. Again, Luciano stepped up by creating another calculation that would allow the data to be filtered as desired.



Most Viewed Thread

When Irina Zholudeva asked How to filter and choose a part of data? I bet she wasn't expecting the number of solutions or detail that this thread generated. This is a great example of a question that has multiple solutions, and the best one depends on any number of things - what's easiest to implement, what the end user should experience, performance, etc. She received answers from kettan, Hima vardhan Reddy Pavuluri, Jonathan Drummey, and Yuri Fal who all presented her with solutions and explanations.



Top Voted Idea

Back in 2013, kettan created modifiable reference line tooltip    [RELEASED | 2019.2]. Looks like there are a couple of workarounds, but still not ideal. This week it received 9 upvotes.



In Other News



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