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Tableau is heading to New York City for Strata Hadoop World, for the biggest Big Data Conference of the year. Join the brightest and most innovative players in the big data landscape as they discuss emerging techniques and technologies. The conference takes place September 26-29 at the Javits Convention Center. We can't wait to talk big data with you so stop by Booth #762 for a live Tableau demo with big data.

Big Data Analysis | Tableau Software


This month, Ryan Sleeper received the news that he had finally reached his career-long goal of being named a Tableau Zen Master, Tableau’s highest honor. Congratulations! Be sure to read his guest post on Becoming a Tableau Zen Master: 5 Lessons Learned While Becoming a Tableau Zen Master | Tableau Software

Jeffrey Shaffer created a viz that tracks the position of the International Space Station using a live JSON feed and the Tableau JavaScript API: don't forget to check it out! Building the ISS Tracker Using JSON and Tableau JavaScript API | Tableau Software




Following last week Carl Slifer's achievement on getting to the 25 Correct Replies... Carl already managed to get past the 50 Correct Replies, congratulations! Watch out this Data Star shining.


Jim Wahl also got his 50 Helpful replies (he already owns the 50 Correct!). Thanks for helping out the community! Not all heroes wear capes (do you?). Goed zo



Most Talked About Thread

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This week, Irina Zholudeva asked about How to filter and choose a part of data?, our fantastic community jumped on the occasion in order to solved her issue! We had plenty of Data Queens and Kings sharing their knowledge here. I invite you to read this masterpiece of community brain-storming. The solution have been found by kettan added to a workbook and precise steps "How to".



Most Viewed Thread

13.344. This is the numbers of views that Can Tableau process JSON data? has generated this month! JSON Data and Tableau 10.1 are being discussed. If this is something in your interest, you are more than welcome to reply in that thread, and maybe provide us with your feeling about this. We value every feedback!



Top Voted Idea

The idea Re-introduce copy as EMF from worksheet or Dashboard, by Carlos GM, has been upvoted 8 times this past week. This feature is qualified as "highly useful" by the users in the comments. Make sure to upvote this idea in order to get better visibility!



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