We've got a delayed digest this week due to Memorial [err...Labor] Day in the United States. We waved good-bye to our last days of summer with all sorts of fun outdoor activities and grilled foods. It was pretty great! Speaking of the outdoors, today in 1847, Henry David Thoreau left his cabin on Walden Pond after two years and moved in with Ralph Waldo Emerson and his family. Walden Pond is one of my favorite places on earth and worth a visit if you're ever in Massachusetts! Read more here...





On September 15th we have a new Think Data Thursday! Tableau Potpourri with Pooja Gandhi and Shawn Wallwork! We'll have a registration page up shortly and be sure to check out last week's presentation if you missed it: Think Data Thursday:  My Daily AdVIZture - August 25, 2016


The Tableau 10.1 Beta Is Here! See what's new let us know what you think.



I want to congratulate four Community members for achieving the "I Know Stuff!" badge by having ten responses marked as being correct. praveen p, Nathan Panuco, David Li, and Benjamin Greene has all been making valuable contributions to our Community and we're lucky to have them! Here's to even more badges and correct answers.


Most Talked About Thread

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How do we display zero when there is no data ?  asked Aditya Hrishikesh. And while we've have many responses, we're still looking for an answers. Seems like a lack of a packaged workbook is slowing things down. See if you can help!


Most Viewed Thread

Our thread announcing the newest version of TabMon is this week's most viewed thread. Use TabMon to get detailed Tableau Server performance data! TabMon v1.1 - helping you see and understand data for Tableau 10.0 and beyond


Top Voted Idea

The people have spoken, and you want Traditional Chinese User Interface (Desktop, Prep & Server)   [RELEASED | 2019.2]. Vote it up if you agree!


In Other News

Simon Runc shared this great thread on labeling a chart axis with a parameter value: Can I label a chart axis with the value from a parameter?


And we have a great new R resource in Viz Talk! Covariance, Trend Lines, Correlation Coefficient R and R-Squared



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