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Last year, we released the initial version of TabMon to help server admin's monitor the health of their servers. Last week, we released the next version, TabMon v1.1, that has support for additional counters and feature enhancements that you asked for.

TabMon is community-supported, and we are releasing the full source code under the MIT open source license. We hope you'll add your own contributions to this tool. We are excited to see where you take it.


Most Talked About Thread

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deepesh moad had a complex issue recently with Need help in creating cumulative unique customers purchases

The community has been trying to solve this thread for a while. Feel free to hop on the challenge and work toward a solution!


Most Viewed Thread

With almost 11.000 viewers, How to bring multiple Excel files into Tableau as one connection? is our Most viewed thread. Siraj Samsudeen is trying to import a number of Excel files which are exported from an Oracle database. Do you have the skills it takes to be a Data-Hero here?


Top Voted Idea

Last week, Alexander Mou submitted the idea "Highlighting Syntax Words in Formula Editor".

He suggests highlighting the syntax words like Case, When, Then, End etc.

The result should look like this

Talking about visualization ... This will differentiate user-input texts from Tableau-defined syntactic words. It will make the formula easier to read and to debug.

Do you agree with Alexander and the 10 other community members who voted Yes?


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That's all for this week, we hope to see you soon on the forums, with even more challenging threads and splendid analytics.

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