Happy Monday everyone! Did you get enough Gold, Silver and Bronze over the last few weeks? As the Olympics come to an end, take a moment to look back over Olympic history with this great viz from Alexandria Duke.



Thanks to everyone that took part in the Tableau Torch Viz Contest.  Our Round 5 winner will be announced tomorrow.


Of course the big news is Tableau 10's release last week.  If you have just returned from an amazing summer vacation and didn't realize that your favorite data visualization/exploration tool had a new version, then now is your time to check it out.  Here are all the new features in v10. We have put together a Community based Tableau 10 Resources Page to help you navigate the many available resources.  Let us know if  you find something to add to the list.


Most Talked About Thread

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Nick Zhao asked a question about Tableau Sorting and using another measure to help break a tie.  User Luciano Vasconcelos and Rajeev Pandey responded to assist.  Luciano built two rank() fields on different measures and added these as Discrete values on the Rows shelf in front of the Name field to sort the view.  For those wondering how to do this yourself, you can hide those ranked fields in the view by turning off the "Show Headers" option from the drop down of each ranked field on the Rows shelf.  Thanks for the great tip and help Luciano. 


Most Viewed Thread

Our own Tableau 10 is finally here! Tell us about your Tableau TEN-ured story is the most viewed thread this week.  Check out the great stories shared by and add your own story to the mix.  We want to know how long you have been using Tableau, how you came to start your journey and your feedback on the new features in the release.  This is a great thread to learn more about Tableau's amazing community of users. 


Top Voted Idea

Last June, Hiroshi Takeuchi created an Idea to add a Connector for SugarCRM.  His Idea had 6 additional votes last week.  How Sweet is that? 


Speaking of Ideas - check out all of your Ideas that made it into Tableau 10



In Other News

  • We have a new spotlight on a Tableau Ambassador.  This month we learn more about Simon Runc and his jourey fom Omniscope to Tableau at the Body Shop. 
  • Speaking of Simon Runc.  Simon will be presenting at this week's live community meeting - Think Data Thursday:  My Daily AdVIZture - August 25, 2016.  You can join Simon as he shares a visualization he built in Tableau to show interesting information about his commute to and from work.  Simon will demonstrate his talents as he builds this visualization.  If you are inspired, maybe you could share your summer vacation on Tableau Public with what you learn.
  • Have you seen the new Device Designer in Version 10?  Try it out on Tableau Public.  Finally a viz on my phone!  Tips on Using the New Device Designer in Tableau Public 10 | Tableau Public
  • There are plenty more posts related to Tableau 10's new features, check out the Tableau Blog to keep up on all the great tips and tricks included in this release. 
  • Beth Hurst came to the community and posed the question How to change the order of operation in a Grand Total of a Calculated FieldMatt Lutton came forward and shared the one of the awesome training videos related to Aggregation and Granularity.  Beth watched the video but was still not getting the results she wanted.  So Matt called in the big guns with a mention of Jonathan Drummey.  Jonathan did a quick look through the viz and saw 8 levels of nested table calculations and suggested simplifying things with a LOD caclculation.  Then one of our newest Ambassadors, Yuri Fal stepped up with a workbook that shows the use of a LOD calculations to replace all those complicated Table Calcs. 

That's a wrap for this week! Have a good one and until next time - happy analyzing!!


As always, feel free to send any comments or suggestions to us at community@tableau.com