Happy Monday everyone! This week promises good things to come and we're looking towards the end of the summer - already!



This week is your last chance to submit a viz for the Tableau Torch contest and win a ticket to Tableau Conference. The feature to highlight is custom territories and the theme is "Her name is Rio." So all you map gurus - get to work and let's see you submissions!


Speaking of the torch - it's making it's way over the pond to Paris this week. Lee Feinberg will be passing it off to Geoffrey Felix - you can see all the updates here: The Tableau Torch Relay | Tableau Software


Tableau 10 is coming! Familiarize yourself with it by reading all the blog posts around it - from the Tableau corporate blog, check out this one: http://www.tableau.com/about/blog/2016/8/tips-designing-device-specific-dashboards-make-everyone-happy-57548  by Piper Stull-Lane. And if you haven't already been to a roadshow, check to see if there's one in your area to learn more about the upcoming release, and network with the Tableau community: Tableau 10 Roadshow | Tableau Software



Most Talked About Thread

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Stephen Lynch asked was having some issues getting Tableau to recognize Formatting Date Time from an Excel file. Mark Fraser, corey levinson, and kettan helped to troubleshoot the issue. Though Stephen still hasn't quite figured out the cause as to why Tableau keeps turning the date time into a string, he was able to figure out that case matters when using the dateparse function! Takeaway: "mmm" won't be recognized, it needs to be "MMM."



Most Viewed Thread

Thanks to William Bohn and the community for bringing Publish Failure - Error Reading Archive File to our attention. Our devs have jumped on the issue and are working through solving it. The fix they had in place took longer than expected. They should have an update on this later today. In the meantime, if you run into the issue, please share the requested information (text of error message, size of extract, connection type, and version/what you published from) in a support case.



Top Voted Idea

Last October, Alex Van Boxel created REST API: Refresh datasource extract from source (v. 11.0). This week it received 17 upvotes - giving it a total of 35. That's more than half it's votes! I think it's a great idea - thank you for sharing it Alex.



In Other News


That's a wrap for this week! Have a good one and until next time - happy analyzing!!


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