Happy Monday everyone! Lots going on in our Community right now that we're excited to tell you about! But first, some fun history: Today in 1940, 32nd US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected to an unprecedented third term; the only President to have served more than two terms!





Are you having trouble logging in to the Community? We recently had an issue with users getting stuck during the SSO re-direct. If you are experiencing this issue, please clear your browser cache and try logging in again.


We are still on Round 2 of the the Tableau Torch Contest.  Have you submitted your Tableau 10 viz for this round?  The theme for round 2 is "Cheer for the home team"!




Congratulations to Alfredo Pirrone for achieving the "I Know Stuff!" badge by having ten responses marked as correct! And congrats on his one year anniversary in our forums. Thanks for all you do and we hope to see you continuing to provide correct answers! :-)



Most Talked About Thread

lim.shijia's thread Suggestions has been our most popular thread this week. Lim provided a screenshot of a chart type they needed and khalid norat, John Sobczak, and Gerardo Varela, stepped in to find a solution. Nice work team!


Most Viewed thread

This week's most viewed thread is a few years old but super interesting: Sounds in Tableau?! by Shawn Wallwork is a great thread about creating audio alerts in Tableau and contains contributions from many notable Community members. One of my favorite aspects of our Community is the ingenuity I see to find out-of-the-box solution. Thanks to everyone who contributed!



Top Voted Idea

This week's most voted-up idea is the venerable Joshua Milligan's Go ahead and show details for error messages. Joshua's request is to see the entire error message without having to hit another button to see details. I agree so I also up-voted the idea! If you agree, hit the up arrow and let us know.


In Other News

We have some exciting new announcements coming like a new Think Data Thursday and some new ambassadors. Keep your eyes peeled!


Enjoy your week and as always, feel free to reach out at community@tableau.com