Good morning, afternoon, and evening! It's the last week of June, and summer's in full tilt, here in Seattle. The summer is always a great time with lots of activities taking place, and the Tableau Community is no exception! Let's take a look --



Did you watch the Tableau 10 Virtual User Group? If you missed it, you can still check it out here: Tableau 10 Virtual User Group on Livestream. It was a great event with a Pre-show hosted by three Tableau Ambassadors and User Group Leaders, Amber Smart, Christopher Scott, and Emily Kund. The main event went into a deep dive of the Tableau 10 features with the Tableau Developers - so much goodness, coming! This was also the kick off of the Tableau Torch and the Tableau Torch Viz Contest!


The Tableau Torch Viz Contest is definitely something you'll want to partake in. There are 5 opportunities to win a ticket to TC in Austin and create a Tableau viz using Tableau 10.




Congratulations to Ashish Chaudhari on receiving the "Questions for Breakfast!" badge - meaning that 25+ of his responses have been marked as correct. Ashish has been a member of the community since 2015, but has recently been getting really involved! Thank you for all the answers you've given to people to make them successful! We hope to continue seeing you in the community!



Most Talked About Thread

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Muhammad Khan asked how to create a Pie Chart with two Measures. khalid norat stuck with it, and was able to help Muhammad answer his question by creating a calculated field which helped find the unemployed and employed candidates. I love finding this conversations where it really shows two people fully engaged, working to solve a problem together



Most Viewed Thread

Allen Gapara had a question about Automatically Select a parent by selecting a child earlier this month. Ivan Young suggested using a parameter instead of using a calculation or LOD expression. He created the workbook in version 9.2 to solve Allen's issue, but when Allen didn't have that version - Ivan gave detailed instructions on how to accomplish it. What a great community!



Top Voted Idea

This one has been on the top list a couple of weeks now. Created by Loic Grange back in 2012, received 12 up votes, giving it a grand total of 901 votes in favor of it.



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That's it for this week! Hope everyone has a good next couple of days.


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