This last Community Digest occurs on Tuesday, as yesterday was a memorial holiday in the US. We wanted to reach as much of our incredible community as possible!


We hope that the previous TC on tour in Paris gone smoothly. I bet some of you were on-site?

4 pieces of coverage so far for TC Paris: Le Monde Informatique regarding keynote announcements and 10.0 and IT le Mag following an interview with Edouard Beaucourt, which includes key messages about self-service and Cloud as well as a photo from the keynote. Additional piece in TechWeekEurope with Elissa’s video interview about 10.0 features and self-service analytics, and for ITEspresso and their interview with Edouard.

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How did you find the conference? Ready for the next session ? It's coming shortly!


Tableau Logo.gifAnnouncements

→ Only two weeks until we kick-off Tableau Conference on tour - London!

[London | Tableau Conference On Tour] 13-15 June 2016

We hope to see you there, some fantastic ambassadors are coming as well!

→ Twenty-four weeks before the TC16 in Austin...! Okay, I'm a little early here, this is because I'm so impatient to meet you US Data rockstars

You have plenty of time to register. Get ready to Learn, share, network - and party - with thousands of data people from every industry.

More information and sign ups are here: [Tableau Conference 2016 | Austin, TX | November 7-11]



Tableau Logo.gifRecognition

331 points for the Data Wrangler Son Stegmaier! He recently completed the "I can help" mission, which means 10 of his answers on the forums have been marked as helpful!

We hope to see more of your Datawesome answers here. Thanks for your help to the community.


Ryan Eavey just completed the "Help Desk" mission: your answers are appreciated... and fully correct! With 612 points on your account, you are like me: a Data cowboy, yeehaaa!

I see you are well prepared for the TC16 in Texas


Tableau Logo.gifMost talked about Thread

Manjula Raj had an issue about getting the value of a particular row count. Mahfooj Khan and Andrew Watson made sure the issue was fully understood and solved: true data heroes.

17 replies and several files exchanged later, Manjula Raj had her complex problem resolved in only 4 days. "That's exactly what I wanted!" she said.

[How to get the value of a particular row count]


Tableau Logo.gifOne of the Top Viewed Threads

More than 100 views here, guess who jumped into Sushma Koyi's issue? Mahfooj!

MoM calculations aren't always that easy; thankfully it has been solved in less than a day thanks to you Tableau geniuses. Congrats!

[What is the month over month growth rate for office supplies ?]



Tableau Logo.gifTop Voted Idea

Thanks again to everyone who is actively posting ideas and supporting/debating them on our [Ideas] forums.

Recently, Graham Macleod's idea has been greatly pushed forward: 22 upvotes in two weeks! Interested in API? Feel free to visit his post, upvote, and comment if you feel this is interesting.


Have an idea for Tableau? Use the viz provided in the Ideas forums to search if the idea exists before adding your own. The more votes an idea has - the more likely it will be considered for future implementation on Tableau! If you don't find the idea you're looking for, make sure to create a post with as much information as possible to help our developers and the forum users debating about it.

[See a full list of ideas]



Tableau Logo.gifIn Other News

We have great articles for you this week, make sure to check them and increase your knowledge about Tableau utilization!


Thanks everyone for participating in the Tableau forums, we're glad to have you on board. Keep analyzing and helping the other users!

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