Happy Monday, it's already the last week before June... time flies!


As Patrick did previously, today is my first ever writing of the Community Digest. I'm glad to write this up, and I will quickly introduce myself for those who don't know me yet: Community Engineer, I started at Tableau in January. Interesting point, I am the only Community person in Europe; feel free to reach out to me during EMEA business hours. For more information about myself, feel free to read [my introduction].

I will be attending the London and Munich Tableau On Tour Conferences, we might be able to meet on-site. Feel free to pop at my booth!



Tableau Logo.gifAnnouncements

→ Only one day until Tableau Conference on tour - Paris!

The registration opens at 8:30 CEST. We hope to see you there!

More information and sign ups are here: [Paris | Tableau Conference On Tour] (Waiting List as it is full at the moment)


We're heading to San Francisco for Informatica World 2016 on May 23-26!

Tableau's CEO, Christian Chabot will be speaking alongside, Informatica's CEO, Anil Chakravarthy, on the mainstage. It's a keynote you won't want to miss.

More information and sign ups are here: [Have you heard about The Modern Approach to Business Analytics?   | Tableau Software]


Watch this great Tableau Think Data Thursday and explore how to Make Social Media and Web Data Work For You with Tableau's own Alexander Ross.

More information and sign ups are here: [TDT: Make Social Media and Web Data Work For You - YouTube]



Tableau Logo.gifRecognition

Congratulations to Nicholas Petersen for earning the "I can help!" badge recognizing that 10 of his answers have been marked helpful. It's important for everyone to get involved in the discussions and help the other users with their Tableau issues; well played Nicholas, may you post even more helpful answers in the future!


Mia Lee, on her side, just got the "Help Desk" badge rewarding her for the 5 Correct answers that she posted recently. I'm happy to see new people getting involved in the forums while veterans skim the field like true Data Monarchs. Keep it up everyone!


Tableau Logo.gifMost talked about Thread

Here, Vivek Gautam had an issue with a calculated field. Don't forget to attach a workbook (.twbx) if you want our community to better help you. It's maybe a bit longer for you to set it up but it is definitely faster for the Tableau users to find a solution that might fits your needs.

Ashish Chaudhari step up and helped Vivek by himself on two pages of this thread, to build the correct calculated field that Vivek was looking for. Thanks for your amazing support!



Tableau Logo.gifOne of the Top Viewed Threads

Dario Restrepo provided a question to the community [TF Boolean >= CALC Hehlp (.twbx attched)] about creating a TF Boolean calculation that he can later use to color code any of the values that return as either "above" or "below" market, and Ryan Slagle provides a great solution with the use of heatmap color coding.

With 19 replies from our community, Joe Oppelt and Ryan finally solved Dario's issue, even with a final bonus question! Congratulations!



Tableau Logo.gifTop Voted Idea

Thanks again to everyone who is actively posting ideas and supporting/debating them on our [Ideas] forums.

At the moment, the idea [Parameter of Filter for Storyboards] from Eleanor Jarvis has 66 upvotes. Feel free to visit her post, upvote, and comment if you feel this is interesting.

Have an idea for Tableau? Use the viz provided in the Ideas forums to search if the idea exists before adding your own. The more votes an idea has - the more likely it will be considered for future implementation on Tableau! If you don't find the idea you're looking for, make sure to create a post with as much information as possible to help our developers and the forum users debating about it.

[See a full list of ideas]



Tableau Logo.gifIn Other News

If you haven't joined the Tableau version 10 Beta yet, you still have time! Make sure to check out Ryan McShane's article [10 Reasons to Join the Tableau 10 Beta | Tableau Software].


Thanks everyone for participating in the Tableau forums, we're glad to have you on board. Keep analyzing and helping the other users!

Please send any comments, suggestions, or submissions for this digest to community@tableau.com