Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fantastic Mother's Day and is ready to hit the ground running. Some fun history: Today in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson issued a presidential proclamation declaring the second Sunday of May to official be Mother's Day. Learn more here: History of Mother's Day Video - Mother’s Day



Tableau 10.0 is coming! Find out about new features on our Coming Soon page. One cool new feature? Connect Directly to Google Sheets in Tableau 10


Tableau Conference 2016 always comes up sooner than you expect! Don't get sold out and register today (plus save some $$$).


We have a Think Data Thursday coming up: How to Make Social Media and Web Data Work for You with Alex Ross. Register HERE.



Dan Sanchez has achieved the 'Question Slayer' badge by having 50 of his responses marked as being the correct answer. Dan is a huge resource for us here at Tableau and we appreciate all his help! :-)



Most Talked about Thread

Manideep Bhattacharyya may have found a bug with color distortion when publishing from Tableau Desktop 9.2 to Tableau Server 9.3. Shawn Wallwork, Pooja Gandhi, Toby Erkson, and many others all stepped in to help gather more information but it looks like we're waiting on support to give us an answer.



(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

A popular thread this week has been Corey Turner's Anybody want more keyboard shortcuts? Here is an AHK script. In the thread, Cory created his own scripts to add extra shortcuts to Tableau which prompted a discussion about what shortcuts people feel are missing from the product.


Top Voted Idea

Here's another great Shawn Wallwork idea with over 200 votes to Stop Changing Filters & Colors When Replacing Data Source. Vote it up!


In Other News

arnold.kumar asked a question about converting dates and Yuri Fal stepped in with a great answer. He's the best!



Enjoy the rest of your day!