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This Thursday could be a full dose of Tableau for you. At 8:00 AM PST, Rody Zakovich will be presenting a Think Data Thursday: Dating Rody, where he'll be  uncovering all he knows about dates and Tableau - you won't want to miss it! Then, stay tuned at 10:00 AM PST for the Secure Data and Analytics in the Cloud with Tableau Online webinar with two of our Tableau Online experts.




This past week, Tableau employee, Dan Cory achieved the "Question Slayer", meaning he has had 50 of his responses have been marked as correct. Dan is great at providing workarounds, solutions, and delivering feedback back to our internal team about what the community is talking about. He's a great resource - thank you for everything you do, Dan!


Carl Slifer achieved the "Questions for Breakfast" badge meaning 25 or more of his responses were marked as correct. Carl seems to have a knack for keeping track of numbers (just read his bio), and providing details on how to obtain a particular outcome in Tableau. Thank you Carl for being so involved and helping people get answers to their questions.



Most Talked About Thread

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Shivang Desai posted a question around Applying a filter to only specific parameter value. In his thread, he's using a parameter that references multiple fields (so that he can change the view), but would like for a filter to be applied only when one particular selection (or field in the parameter) is made. swaroop.gantela provided a solution that takes the calculation a step further by defining the field and it's constraints so that only it is filtered. There was an issue where mixing aggregates was keeping the solution from working, but ultimately, Shivang was able to achieve what he was looking for.



(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

Priyanka Agrawal needed help finding Current month and previous 6 month calculation, however, she did not have a date field in her data - only strings. Stephen Lavery showed her how to convert her string fields to be recognized as a date, and Joe Oppelt worked with her to explain how more data was needed to get the desired view.



Top Voted Idea

Shawn Wallwork created Don't Resize Floating Objects When Desktop Size Changes back in September of 2013. This week, it received 20 up votes - giving it a grand total of 38 votes - that more than half of all it's votes in one week.



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