Happy Monday all! And welcome to this week's edition of the Community Digest.



Last week was the annual Tableau Conference in Las Vegas. And what a whirlwind of a week it was! There were community members meeting community members for the first time. There was great content that was trying to be soaked up. There were parties and pictures, and the list goes on. Check out the things that people enjoyed most and add your own if you were there (thanks to Shawn Wallwork for starting this thread): TC15 (#DATA15) What were your 10 Favorite Things???


And if you weren't at conference this week - you can check out some of the coverage on the Tableau Business Intelligence Blog | Tableau Software. Additionally, we've announced next year's conference to be in Austin! For more information, visit Tableau Conference 2016 |




Last week, two people achieved the "I Know Stuff!" badge. Hrvoje Gabelica and Thomas McCullough both had 10 of their responses marked as correct. Hrvoje is a student from Croatia and has been helping people by giving them solutions and finding resources for people to check out and solve their issues. Thomas is an analyst from Interworks and has helped several people get the answers they need. Thank you both for your help getting people the solutions they need!


Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses in a thread

There was a tie this week for the thread with the most responses on it. The first was created by michael shin in Capturing prior day metric...can table based calc do this? The entire thread is between Michael and Simon Runc. Simon, not only helps Michael get the solution he needs, he provides an explanation of the table calculation he provides and what each part of it is doing.


Stephen Bell, a fairly new member of the community, asked a question about Dual axis issues. With the help of both Simon Runc and Thomas McCullough, Stephen was able to solve the issue. Part of the issue was that there were more than just two measures and the shape of the data was not set up for the outcome Stephen was looking for. Simon and Thomas were able to help provide explanation into the reasoning behind this, as well as providing solutions using Measures Names/Values and creating a calculated field.



(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

This is an oldie, created by Marcus Shane - Conditional Formatting. The post was revived earlier this month. Joe Mako continued to help by providing some additional resources about ways to work with different formatting issues. As he notes, formatting is highly dependent on the situation, and different strategies may need to be applied.



Top Voted Idea

Last week, a fairly new idea rose to the top - Export crosstab option via tabcmd using export (or) get commands created by S D received 17 votes. Making sure the experience is consistent is key, in my opinion, and definitely a vote up!


Additionally, Mark Fraser reached out to me in regards to an idea of his that was released - Ability to subscribe to authors in Tableau Public (Released in 9.0). You'll definitely want to check out the new improvements to Tableau Public -How to follow an author and access your new Activity view | Tableau Public



In Other News

  • This was the top liked thread last week: What are a Pane, a cell a canvas?  The help pages are lacking in this area. created by Harvey French. Tableau loves getting feedback like this, it helps us to reach more users. Often times, it's easy for us to think that the lingo is understood by all, when in reality, if it's your first time using Tableau, you may be lost! Dana Withers helped clarify some of the confusion for Harvey - thanks Dana!
  • It's always important to know what you're getting into when it comes to investigating your data. In this post, started by Manju GN, he wanted to know Draw backs of Context Filter. Simon Runc, John Sobczak, and Alexander Mou talk about some of the things to be aware of. In particular, Alexander talked about some of what he learned at TC and wrote a blog post to share the order of operations for filtering.
  • I've never noticed that the default blue that Tableau reverts to isn't on the color drop down. Lionel Yu brings this up in How to bring back the default Tableau blue color? By using the Show Me card, Ann Stolzman is able to help Lionel bring it back. Additionally, she shared using the Saturation, Hue and RGB in the "More Colors..." dialog box. Did you also know, there's a color picker tool that allows you to save a color anywhere on your screen?
  • Greg Mooney had a DateParse Question. His calculation wasn't returning the number of rows he was expecting. Takaaki Koseki noticed a small detail - lowercase vs. uppercase "m's" and this solved the problem!
  • When I was first learning about parameters and their usefulness, this was one of my favorite use cases - so I love seeing when people use it still. ryan.shukis wanted to have Dashboard Variable Switch. Jared Grant provided a solution using a parameter and calculation that allows the end user to switch between a category and products. With Jared's help and the help of a useful KB article, Ryan solved his issue and learned something along the way.



Hope everyone has a great last week of October and until next week, happy analyzing!!


As always, any suggestions, submissions or comments on this digest, feel free to send my direction at tfitzgerald@tableau.com