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Last Thursday, we had a fabulous Think Data Thursday with Peter Gilks, Shawn Wallwork, and Steve Wexler. If you missed it, not to worry! You can find it in the following post: TDT: Tableau – How Did I Not Know That? - July 30, 2015.


For the month of August, there will be Tableau employees who specialize in Tableau Online hanging around the Community. So if you've got a Tableau Online question. just be sure to check the Tableau Online category when asking a question, and they'll help you out.




Shine Pulikathara achieved the "Question Slayer" badge last week - meaning that 50 of his answers have been marked as correct by other people. Shine joined the Community just over a year ago, and has been helping people quite a bit over the last couple of months. Thank you Shine for all of your contributions - they're greatly appreciated!


swaroop.gantela has also "unlocked" a badge - "Questions for Breakfast!" - aka 25 responses were marked as correct. Swaroop has been providing good thorough responses for several of our newest members. Thank you, Swaroop!


Hannah Johnson, a member of the Tableau support team, has been helping out in the Community quite a bit lately - she just received the "I Know Stuff!" badge (10 correct answers). Thanks for you help in the Community, Hannah!



Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses in a thread

Aaron Mackey posted Hide Part of Tooltip With Sum of Count(Number of Records) where he was having some issues with the uber-tip tool tip showing information that he didn't want his end user to see (it was different than what the viz showed). Mark Fraser, kettan and Shawn Wallwork brought a couple of older threads into the thread which referenced uber-tips. Ultimately, it looks like an idea needed to be created for the solution to be solved.



(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

leo dec posted the following last November - selecting multiple values in parameter. Steve Martin provided a solution that worked for Leo by using a set. However, Seanna Miller had a similar question and continued the thread, as the set option didn't quite work for her. Pratik Bundela also is looking for a more dynamic solution which gives the end user more flexibility in what they want to select.



Top Voted Idea

Corey Turner posted the idea to Move Grand Totals  [RELEASED] back in 2012. This past week it received 11 votes, making the total number of up-votes 457.



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