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Last Thursday, we had a fabulous Think Data Thursday with Peter Gilks, Shawn Wallwork, and Steve Wexler. If you missed it, not to worry! You can find it in the following post: TDT: Tableau – How Did I Not Know That? - July 30, 2015.


For the month of August, there will be Tableau employees who specialize in Tableau Online hanging around the Community. So if you've got a Tableau Online question. just be sure to check the Tableau Online category when asking a question, and they'll help you out.




Shine Pulikathara achieved the "Question Slayer" badge last week - meaning that 50 of his answers have been marked as correct by other people. Shine joined the Community just over a year ago, and has been helping people quite a bit over the last couple of months. Thank you Shine for all of your contributions - they're greatly appreciated!


swaroop.gantela has also "unlocked" a badge - "Questions for Breakfast!" - aka 25 responses were marked as correct. Swaroop has been providing good thorough responses for several of our newest members. Thank you, Swaroop!


Hannah Johnson, a member of the Tableau support team, has been helping out in the Community quite a bit lately - she just received the "I Know Stuff!" badge (10 correct answers). Thanks for you help in the Community, Hannah!



Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses in a thread

Aaron Mackey posted Hide Part of Tooltip With Sum of Count(Number of Records) where he was having some issues with the uber-tip tool tip showing information that he didn't want his end user to see (it was different than what the viz showed). Mark Fraser, kettan and Shawn Wallwork brought a couple of older threads into the thread which referenced uber-tips. Ultimately, it looks like an idea needed to be created for the solution to be solved.



(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

leo dec posted the following last November - selecting multiple values in parameter. Steve Martin provided a solution that worked for Leo by using a set. However, Seanna Miller had a similar question and continued the thread, as the set option didn't quite work for her. Pratik Bundela also is looking for a more dynamic solution which gives the end user more flexibility in what they want to select.



Top Voted Idea

Corey Turner posted the idea to Move Grand Totals back in 2012. This past week it received 11 votes, making the total number of up-votes 457.



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