Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend. Grab a cup of joe and take a look into some of what was happening in the Tableau Community last week...




Update: points and badges should be back to working as expected. Points that were accrued during the last week or two should have also been applied to your profile. Our apologies for this issue - and hopefully, we won't run into this again!


This week, we have a Think Data Thursday presentation this Thursday morning - TDT: Tableau in the Cloud with Diamonds on July 16th, 2015 at 8am PST. Tableau employees will go through some of the ins and outs of Tableau Online - so you'll definitely want to check it out.


And if you're interested in learning more about Tableau Online, check out these other webinars: Cloud Conversations Webinar Series | Tableau Software.




These are overdue, but both Rody Zakovich and Jeff Strauss recently achieved the "Question Slayer" (50 correct answers) badge. Rody has been very active over the last couple of months and has helped a lot of people, learning along the way. Jeff has been an incredible asset to the community - in particular the Server Administration community. Thank you both for your contributions!


Two Tableau employees have recently received the "Questions for Breakfast!" badge - having 25 of their replies marked as correct. Matt Coles and Dan Sanchez are great resources and love helping our customers!


Additionally, five people recently completed the "I Know Stuff!!" badge (10 correct answers): Dana Withers, swaroop.gantela, Ailsa Zheng, Sarah Slattery, and Sean Boon. Thank you all for your help in the community!


Most Talked about Thread

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Jay Chang needed help getting the Last N Calendar Months. Joey Minix and Rody Zakovich discussed a few different options, including using table calculations, different calculations and blending a complete list of months with the original data set in order for Jay to be able to show all months regardless of whether it the month was null or not. Ultimately, it looks like Jay will need to create another table in his DB and do a left join.



(One of the) Top Viewed Threads

Rody Zakovich started an excellent thread - Let's talk about dashboard design! Talk about a great post! It inspired a bunch of people to reply and share their perspectives. With 42 replies, there are some very detailed posts and great takeaways worth noting and maybe adopting. This is one to check out and bookmark, if you haven't already.



Top Voted Idea

For the second week in a row, Default Value for Quick Filters by Nathan Schofield is the top voted idea this week with 9 up votes for a total of 250 votes.



In Other News


Have a great rest of your week and until next time, happy analyzing!


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