It's officially May - which means we're well on our way to spring in the northern hemisphere, and personally, I',m loving it. Here's what happened last week in the Tableau Community -




Last week a more official announcement of the Tableau Ambassadors went out - check out this blog post to learn more about each of them: Meet the Tableau Ambassadors! | Tableau Software


Matt Lutton posted this gentle reminder about PLEA/REMINDER: Include Tableau Version When Posting Questions to Community Forums in order to help new and old community members alike to get an answer(s) to their question. Don't forget to include as much information as possible to help the people helping in the Community!




Jeff D achieved the "Questions for Breakfast" badge or had 25 of his responses marked as correct last week. Jeff has been a member of the community for just under a year and seems to be well versed in Tableau Server, as well as Desktop. He also seems to be getting know 9.0 quite well and has answered several people with their 9.0 questions. Thank you Jeff!


Shawn Wallwork also hit the all time high for points this past week - and kettan and several others showed their appreciation for all his work in Shawn 50,000 Points.



Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses in a thread

noor.khemji asked a question related to getting duplicates in his data when joining two tables in summing a column in a joint table having duplicate records. Pooja Gandhi quickly responded with a couple of Knowledge Base articles. However, it wasn't until Noor posted a sample workbook that Cyril Belmehdi and Jonathan Drummey were able to help Noor out. It originally looked like version 9.0 and LOD expressions were the route to take, but after a second glance, using the second pass total seemed to have solve the answer. noor.khemji, if one of these solved the issue, please mark it correct!



Top Viewed Thread

**Not necessarily THE highest viewed, but within the top 10

This thread posted by Mark Jackson has gotten a lot of attention the last couple of days, Make your own custom Tableau Server landing page. As people are starting to upgrade their Tableau Servers to version 9.0, they've become interested in knowing what will happen to their custom pages.



Top Voted Idea

Last week's top voted idea makes it to the top fairly frequently - Multi-Values Parameters posted by Tableau's Loic Grange. Last week it rose to the top with 15 votes.


Speaking of ideas, have you ever been curious about how to write one up that will get the attention of Tableau's PMs, check out: How to write an idea Tableau Program Managers will look at



In Other News




That's a wrap for last week! Have a great week and happy analyzing!




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