Last week was the first week of April - and hopefully, you got excited for the new Tableau Product line, TaBling! See what else was happening around the Community below -




A new webinar series known as Talk Data to Me is getting started next week. The series will be quick 30 minute presentations on some of the most popular Tableau topics by Tableau employees. They're definitely worth checking out - Talk Data to Me Webinar Series | Tableau Software.




Last week, two people earned the "Question Slayer" badge, in other words, 50+ of their responses have been recognized by other people as being the correct answer. Alexander Mou has been a member of the Community since early last year, and has been extremely active the last couple of months. Thank you for all the help you've provided people, Alexander!


Bill Lyons also received this badge last week. I had the pleasure of meeting Bill last Thursday at the Tableau 9.0 San Francisco Roadshow. Bill loves a challenge when it comes to Tableau and thus has been helping a lot of people along the way - thanks Bill!


Jeffrey Strauss achieved the "Questions for Breakfast!" badge - 25+ of his responses were marked as correct. Jeffrey has been spending a lot of time in the Server Administration space and will likely be able to help you with many of your Tableau Server questions. Thank you, Jeffrey for all your helpful answers!



Most Talked about Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses in a thread.

Larsen Rennie asked a question Regarding Parameter where the end user should be able to select the correct dates. Sankarmagesh Rajan amd Tableau kumar provided similar answers within 5 minutes of each other (they must have been working on it at the same time ), however, it was mahi reddy who ultimately solved the problem by writing an "If/then" calculation for each month.



Top Viewed Thread

Last week's top viewed thread was New Features in Tableau 9+? Prashant Sharma not only started the thread, but he has also been updating it with related links from Tableau and other blogs giving tips and how-to's with 9.0. Keep an eye on your inboxes for the imminent release!



Top Voted Idea

We've got some new ideas climbing to the top for most voted on last week. Last week, the Option to cache per workbook on Tableau Server created by Brandon Cole had 12 votes for a total of 19 votes after creating it just 2 weeks ago!



In Other News




Have a great week and happy analyzing!


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