Happy spring to all in the northern hemisphere and happy fall to those in the southern! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend - here's a look into some things that are coming up and what was happening last week in the Community -




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Three members moved up the ranks and achieved different levels of the Correct Answer badge. Sankarmagesh Rajan received the "Question Slayer" badge (aka, 50 of his responses were marked as correct). Sankar has steadily been achieving these milestones in the last few months. Thank you for all your contributions!


Yuriy Fal has had 25+ of his responses marked as correct, and thus received the "Questions for Breakfast!" badge this past week. Yuriy has been incredibly active the last couple of months - and we're happy to see him! Thanks to you, Yuriy, for helping out so many people!


Manoj Ramachandra acquired the "I Know Stuff!" badge (10 responses marked correct) last week. He, too, seems to have become very active in the last month or two, and has helped several people. Thank you, Manoj!



Most Talked about Thread

** This is characterized by the number of responses in a thread

phuviet.pham asked How to convert String into Date type. His data was set up with a field that contained a string with the year and quarter strung together. He wanted to use it as a date field and get a line chart. A couple of people helped out and suggested using dateparse. However, it was Matt Lutton who continually worked with Phuviet to get a solution to his answer (which eventually lead to Joe Oppelt also providing an alternative solution). Phuviet, can you mark the answer that ultimately solved your use case so that someone in the future can benefit from it?



Top Viewed Thread

Prashant Menon asked a question that got a lot of good discussion going - How does Tableau define "user" exactly?  Trying to make the pitch for Tableau at my organization. There was talk about the different license models and how to share. There was talk about the Tableau EULA, and what would make a good pricing model. Russell Christopher chimed in from the Tableau side, while Zach Leber, james.n, kettan, Shawn Wallwork, Jonathan Drummey and Cristian Vasile brought up different points and questions.



Top Voted Idea

This week's top voted idea is the noted original of the duplicate of last week's top voted idea - Use Administrator account to subscribe users to emails   [RELEASED] by John Munoz with 16 votes. It was created back in 2013 and (if you include the duplicate idea - has over 200 votes).



In Other News


  • Mark Fraser created a document in the The specified item was not found. to share - Split Comma Separated Names. Always love getting new calculations added here! As Jonathan Drummey, this will also become much easier to do in Tableau version 9.0!
  • Revival of the week - Saumil Kapadia asked a question in an old post created back in 2008 - The specified item was not found.. James Baker has provided a solution which Saumil was able to apply, but wanted to understand better. Shawn Wallwork jumped in and explained just what was happening - and provided some ideas Saumil could vote on to make it even easier.
  • This is a post created back in October of 2014, but it is a great example of a well written question (explanation of desired outcome, a mockup using sample data - both with a screen shot and workbook, and some things that have been tried) - Dynamic sorting of multiple measures by Doug Stanley. Because Doug provided all of this information, Michel Caissie was able to provide a very detailed solution. Zhao Jin asked a follow up question last week - sharing that he is trying to replicate the same thing using Amazon Redshift, and Michel was able to help him out as well!
  • Love this post - Omar Luna is so appreciative of Jeff D's response - Dynamic sorting of multiple measures. Not only that, but this one helped solve an issue I was having with this too
  • Ever unsure of what size you should set up your dashboard? Case Chad ran into this issue when he went from a docking station to looking at the dashboard on his laptop - Desktop vs Laptop vs Projector. Shawn Wallwork provided some great guidelines on things to consider when creating a dashboard and selecting the size.



Have a great week and until next time, happy analyzing!


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