Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week this coming week. Here's a peek into some of what was happening last week and some things to look out for.




The big event happening this week is the Virtual Tableau User Group on Wednesday, March 9 at 2:30 PM PDT. If you haven't already, you can register here: http://www.tableau.com/9.0VirtualTUG


It is also the kick off for the 9.0 Roadshows (Tableau will be doing local events and demoing our new version)! I definitely recommend checking out the list to see if you're able to join the event in your area - Events & Conferences | Tableau Software.


In two weeks, we'll be having a Think Data Thursday event with Jonathan Drummey about Data Blending. For more information, go to the following thread: TDT: Data Blending - Left Join or not? - presented March 26, 2015



A relatively new member to the Community, though not to Tableau, Shine Pulikathara has received the Questions for Breakfast! badge - in other words, 25+ of his responses have been marked correct! Thank you for all your help Shine and we look forward to seeing more of you


In addition, Ben Young received the "I Know Stuff!" badge - having 10 of his answers marked as correct. Thank you Ben for your contributions!


kettan achieved his 50 badge (Question Slayer) and the 50 Helpful Answers "Helpful is my middle name" badge) in the last couple of weeks. However, Shawn Wallwork started a thread (Kettan hits 50...) to recognize him and kettan has gotten more than a handful of people thanking him for all he does for this Community. Again, thank you Kettan!



Most Talked about Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses in a thread

ali twaij asked Are calculated fields stored in the datasources at all or always in the workbooks? This is something that can be a confusing topic. Jonathan Drummey settled the confusion about where calculations are stored when working with extracts and live data sources. The conversation then continued with what happens when using Tableau Data Server, where Jonathan and Alexander Mou were able to provide some more clarifying information.



Top Viewed Thread

Possibly in correlation to the above thread, one of the highest viewed threads this week (Prashant Sharma's New Features in Tableau 9+? thread is still the top) was asked by Jonathan Drummey back in 2013, Recommended practices for sharing/re-using Tableau Data Extracts (.tde's). At the time, Russell Christopher provided a solution. However, last week, kettan shared a blog post posted on the Interworks site about solving this issue https://www.interworks.com/blogs/skennedy/2015/02/24/i-hate-when-tableau-does-calculated-fields-edition. This prompted Richard Leeke to shared some detailed insight.



Top Voted Idea

Two weeks in a row, Dawn Mcdonald's I want to create subscriptions for others idea is the top voted. This week, 11 new votes. It looks like there were also a couple comments added to the idea. The Dev team loves getting comments because it helps them understand the use cases better - the more information, you can provide here the better!



In Other News

Until next week, happy analyzing! As always, feel free to send any suggestions or submissions for this digest my way at tfitzgerald@tableau.com.