Holy Moley - I can't believe, it's the last week of February! This month really has flown by.



Recap of Events

This past Thursday, we had a fantastic Think Data Thursday with Michael Chen who presented TDT: Raiders of the Lost Postgres - February 19, 2015. If you missed it, there's a video and his powerpoint attached to the thread.


Interested in learning more about Tableau 9.0? Join the Virtual User Group on March 11: 9.0 Virtual Tableau User Group | Tableau Software




Last week, Tableau kumar received the "Question Slayer" badge for 50 of his answers being marked as correct! He has been supplying answers and help to al ot of people in this community, and on Sunday he shared Creating Indian Fiscal Calendar in the Workbook & Calculation Library. Thank you for all your contributions!


Bill Lyons has recently achieved the "Questions for Breakfast!" badge, answering 25 threads correctly! Not to mention, he's got some fun profile pictures Thank you Bill for your continued efforts!


Two members received the "I Know Stuff!" badge - Mark Lake (a fairly new member to the community) and Yuriy Fal (who has also been steadily receiving the Helpful answer badges). We appreciate both of your work and hope to see more of it!



Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses in a thread

Last week's thread by Erin Gehn Running Total Column :: Running Total Row Ratio generated 30 replies. Almost the entire thread is between Erin and Joe Oppelt over three or four days. They went back and forth between finding a calculation that would get the desired values and finding how to hide and get the view that Erin wanted and need. Ultimately, it was one of Joe's earlier responses that resolved the issue - though it looks like they're still trying to find a solution with the real data behind the scenes.



Top Viewed Thread

It probably won't be until after 9.0 releases that Prashant Sharma's New Features in Tableau 9+? is no longer the top viewed thread.


This thread, created by Jonathan Marcus - The Google Maps Embed API must be used in an iframe. back in March of 2014, also received quite a few views. Andrew Norris "reopened" it, by referencing and asking Richard Leeke about getting the map to appear in an iframe. Though Richard was not necessarily able to solve the issue for Andrew, he did discover a change in Public's connection (it is now a secure connection using https:) and provided a next troubleshooting tip.



Top Voted Idea

This idea, Apply Button - Close Drop-Down List was created just last week by Derek Mansell and received 9 votes - making it second to Dynamic parameters (only by 1 less vote).



In Other News



Have a great week everyone! As always, if you have any comments, suggestions or submissions for this digest, send them my way to tfitzgerald@tableau.com.


Happy Analyzing!