And into February, we go! Take a peak into what was happening the last week of January below:




What a week for people helping people and receiving badges! First, Joe Oppelt received the "Answer Wizard" badge - answering 100 questions! Joe has been extremely active in the forums for just under a year at this point - thank you Joe!


Next up, kettan and Tableau's Ben Neville received the "Question Slayer" badge - they each supplied 50 correct answers to people! Mark Fraser eats "Questions for Breakfast" after answering 25 answers correctly.


And finally, we have a couple of veteran's in the Community who have many people than this badge suggests - both Richard Leeke and Joe Mako received the "I Know Stuff!" badge (10 Correct Answers). In addition, some newer members also received this badge - Łukasz Majewski and Jeff D. Thank you everyone for your contributions!



Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses in a thread

This week's thread started with a question by James Keuning in How hard does Tableau work to calculate dates... is it better to fix the date in the source data? The thread started with responses to James' original question and quickly went into the workings of extracts and the best ways to test how whether the calculation is taking a toll on the data source or extract. Both Jonathan Drummey and Richard Leeke provide some helpful hints to test and see the performance implications a calculation can have.



Top Viewed Thread

The post created this past week with the most views is Mike C's Need a calculated field to return data when it is exactly 1 month between two dates. Finding the end date of the next month when there are more or less days to the previous month proved to be a bit of challenge. kettan provided a couple of solutions, while Łukasz Majewski came up with a simple calculation - did this solve your issue Mike? (Let us know, by marking it correct if so )



Top Voted Idea

This week's most voted on idea (if we don't include Dynamic Parameters) was Transfer Aliases and Color Settings with Replace Data Source created by Jonathan Drummey with 11 votes in the last week. This is definitely an idea that I've voted up! However, Jonathan does provide a workaround.



In Other News



Have a great week - and for those on the east coast of the US - stay warm! According to Phil, we've still got 6 more weeks of winter.


As always, feel free to send any submissions or suggestions for this digest my direction at


Happy Analyzing!