Happy Monday all! Here's a tidbit from the Community this past week:




This week Raghavendra M and juliette.mccormack received the "I Know Stuff!" badge. They're both supplied at least 10 valuable and correct answers for people recently. Thank you both for your contributions - you're much appreciated!



Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses in a thread

Manish Virmani's post Apply conditional formatting on one Measure value had the most responses this week (20 posts in total, including the starting post). Formatting can often times be deceiving - especially when it comes to using Measure Names/Values. Luckily, kettan and Ville Tyrväinen were able to provide some suggestions to getting around the issue and solved the problem for Manish. Manish was extremely thankful and even made a particular call out to several power users at the end of the thread.



Most Viewed Thread

For the second week in a row, Prashant Sharma's New Features in Tableau 9+? is the most viewed. Runner up this week? Naquiyah Cash's post on How to create an Outline/border on sheets within a dashboard. KK Molugu, Chris McClellan provided some solutions using layout containers. Ultimately it was Ville Tyrväinen who solved the solution using annotations - a clever trick, I've never seen or thought to use!


In the Server Administration Community, the most viewed thread was one written by Sunil Tikar about Desktop vs Server performace. There were all sorts of detailed responses from the likes of Toby Erkson, Cristian Vasile, Vikram Bandarupalli and several Tableau employees, including Rob Anderson, Rick Kunkel and Matt Coles.



Top Voted Idea

Dynamic parameters and Multi-Values Parameters were the two most voted on ideas this week (with 20 and 11 respectively). However, I like to mention ideas that don't always make it into the mix, and this week the third most voted idea was the Option to Stop Running Background Tasks created by Dhanabala Jegannathan



In Other News




Enjoy the rest of your week and until next time - Happy Analyzing!


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