Happy New Year everyone! As I mentioned last week, I will be posting a recap of 2014 later this week, but here's what was happening this past week.




Two people have joined the 10 Correct Answers club or the "I Know Stuff!" badge. Both Steve Mayer and Syed Khadir Ahmed have been very active the last couple of months and are climbing the ranks. Thank you both for your contributions to this community!



Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses to a thread

Niek Dam asked an interesting question about the now() function where he wants the current date and time to continually update, but finds that it only updates when the workbook is updated. Several people jumped in and responded here (Ankit Patel, Syed Khadir Ahmed, Joe Oppelt, Tom W, Michael Carper, kettan, Steve Martin and Jonathan Drummey) - noting that Tableau Server would need to be used in order to have it update somewhat regularly. Jonathan explains how Tableau will need to be refreshed, not just the browser. Ultimately, it looks like Niek will need to create an Ideas to get the functionality he's hoping for.



Most Viewed Thread

This week's most viewed thread is a Tableau Server issue being experienced by Brit Cava in Inconsistent rendering of some worksheets in a dashboard published to server... Kalpana Manchikanti had faced this issue in the past with the operating system, but this doesn't seem to be the same problem Brit is running into. Max Houser, a Tableau employee, tried to get to the root of the cause by asking questions specific to the browse, though, this doesn't seem to be it either. Bouzid A asked about the Server version - using the most up to date version (8.3.1) can fix any issues that may have existed in the past. Hopefully, this solves the issue, if not, I'd recommend contacting our Support team, as they'll be able to take a deeper look into it.



Top Voted Idea

Tied with Dynamic Parameters, this week's most voted on idea is Alex Kerin's Ability to group Tabs into a menu like structure. I actually ran into this last week, and would love this functionality!



In Other News



Have a great week everyone! As always, any suggestions or submissions for this Digest can be sent my way at tfitzgerald@tableausoftware.com.


Happy Analyzing!