I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season - I know I am! Last week had a little less volume than normal, but still busy all the same. Let's take a look into what happened:



This week, we have a new addition to the 100 Correct Answers, or the "Answer Wizard" badge, club - KK Molugu. Thank you KK for all your contributions! From answering questions to hosting a Think Data Thursday! We really appreciate what you do for this community.


Pooja Gandhi has also received the "Questions for Breakfast" badge - meaning she's had 25 of her responses marked as Correct. Pooja is a fairly new member of our community - only joining back in August, but she's already proven her worth by helping lots of people. Thank you Pooja for all your help!


Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses to a thread

We've got a tie for the most talked about thread this week, both with 15 responses and neither have been marked correct. The first is post from Huanzhi Fang asking How to show all categories in color legend? Joe Oppelt, Ville Tyrväinen and tyler garrett all provided some workarounds to show all the members of field in a legend regardless of when they're filtered out. Hopefully, one of these helped solved the issue!


The other issue was one found by Ɓukasz Majewski in Filter Action using calculated dimension does not work. After working with Ville Tyrväinen it looks like the solution may be to upgrade to the latest version of Tableau Desktop.


Most Viewed Thread

I'm happy to see that this post (Three Weeks From Now...) by Shawn Wallwork is our most viewed thread this week. It's not necessarily a thread about Tableau, but really shows how much of Community we have here. Everything from people sharing where they'll be for the holidays to discovering hobbies (beer, gardening, and beaches are the main ones I picked up from the thread). I consider myself lucky and proud to be a part of it!



Top Voted Idea

This week's top voted idea has to do with selecting/de-selecting sheets when creating action filters on a dashboard. Michael Nealey created this idea Have a "select all / none" button in the actions box in 2013, but it got half of it's votes (10 out of 20) this past week.



In Other News



I hope everyone has a happy holiday week and until next week - Happy Analyzing! As always, if you have any submissions or suggestions for this Digest, feel free to drop me a line at tfitzgerald@tableausoftware.com.