Hope everyone had a great week last week and is having a good holiday season. I'll be publishing the next couple iterations of the Digest on Monday mornings. Let's take a peak into what was going on this week.


Most Talked About Thread

**This is characterized by the number of responses to a thread
This week's most talked about thread was asked by Marco Baptista in regards to Many DataSources and same filters, how can I do? It took a little bit of back and forth between Shawn Wallwork and Syed Ahmed to be able to check out his workbook, once they figured it out, Syed was able to provide a solution that worked perfectly for him.


Top Viewed Thread

This week's most viewed thread was one started by Prashant Sharma in September regarding New Features in Tableau 9+?, but was probably got a lot of traffic because of the Tableau 8.3 release this past week.



Top Voted Idea


This week's most voted on idea was created by Jennie Kearnes back in 2013 for Customise the default font permanently with 9 votes.



In Other News



Hope everyone has a great week! And as always and recommendations or suggestions for this Digest can be sent my way at tfitzgerald@tableausoftware.com.
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