Last week we had a successful week with the Crow's Nest Challenge - we got down to zero! Congrats and thank you to everyone who participated!


Below is some of what was going on this week.

Upcoming Events:

Don't forget to sign up for next week's TDT with KK Molugu, presenting his winning #VizAsArt submission and giving more insights on how he uses Tableau to make data look beautiful. Register here. Interested in seeing past TDT's, check out the group Think Data Thursday.


Most Talked about Thread:

Vladimir Kostochka asked a question about how to create a dashboard that allows the user to switch the view, but by showing all the possible options at once (i.e. a parameter would not work). Justin Emerick, Joe Oppelt, Matt Lutton and Ville Tyrväinen all provided possible solutions and continued working with Vladimir to not only get his dashboard to work the way he wanted, but look the way he wanted as well!


Top Viewed Thread of the Week:

John Munoz asked a Tableau Server question  How do I suppress top toolbar and show the bottom one in an embedded view? Dan Rullo provided some useful context and even found a possible case sensitive embed code parameter issue.


Revival Thread of the Week:

Ryan Eckhoff searched before posting and found a thread that contained his answer - though he needed just a little more help. Re: How to create a goal meter. By responding to Jim Wahl, the two worked together to get closer to what Ryan was looking for and get some insight on some visual practices.


In Other News:




  • Joins v. Blends - Suhrid Ghosh had a question about his data structure and getting the results that he wanted. Aaron Clancy helped him write some CustomSQL while the conversation continued to make the distinction between joining and blending.



Until next week - have a great weekend!


And as always, if you have any suggestions or submissions to be included in next week's digest - drop the Community team an @ mention or email (