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기 상준
Hi, I am creating project management Dashborad. When I benchmark Linpack Dashboard (Tableau Public ), I don't know how to create dashboard   Especially, red box. I felt this is not worksheet. How… (Show more)
in Tableau Public
Chermanna Achappa
Hello All,   While I have started using Tableau Public 10, I looked for 'Extract' option by right clicking on the data source but I could not see it. I did see the option in Tableau 9. Kindly guide.… (Show more)
in Tableau Public
Christopher Salviati
Hi,   I'm attempting to publish the map in the attached workbook to Tableau public. As of last night, this was working fine, but now the map is failing to load, and I'm getting the error "Invalid… (Show more)
in Tableau Public
Candice Norval
I am trying to save to Tableau Public and I get the message below. I cannot find the option to enable the data extract. Apparently when using Tableau Desktop Public this error should not happen?
in Tableau Public
Joseph Filla
I've been uploading a 15M row extract to for a homework project and after 9 hours, only 105MB of the 600MB extract has been uploaded. I'm watching Activity Monitor on my Mac and… (Show more)
in Tableau Public
Chelsey Thornton
I know this must be a fairly common problem but my google sleuthing is not giving me an answer I can understand. So here goes, I'm using an excel document on my MacBook pro as the data source for our… (Show more)
in Tableau Public
Jim Melichar
I've got a filter set up with a list of 1k-2k names in it.   I've tried using the Multiple Values (custom list) option, but when I publish to Tableau Public, the search never returns (endless… (Show more)
in Tableau Public
Melissa Thomas
Hello, I've embedded a filtered chart into my website ( ) using public tableau. I was wondering if those links expire at all? All the charts I've embedded are… (Show more)
in Tableau Public
Harry Osborne
I have been using Tableau for several weeks now, and a few times it has prevented me from saving - it will start sending data to the server, then hang on the popup and never complete. If I click… (Show more)
in Tableau Public
Stuart Dunlap
Hi,   I recently posted a viz on Tableau Public and just noticed that the team titles for each small multiple are not showing in the Tableau Public version of the viz, however they are showing in my… (Show more)
in Tableau Public
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