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Rose Lee
Tableau Public 2020.1 works fine until I upgrade to 2020.2. When I open the workbook from tableau public as usual, the 'Tableau Hyper database Engine has stopped working' message comes out several… (Show more)
in Tableau Public
Caitlyn O
I was following a tutorial and the instructor mentioned that Tableau Public would auto-label your fields when you upload the .csv file. However, it didn't auto-label for me. I've tried googling but… (Show more)
in Tableau Public
Sahrish Baig
Hi, I'm using tableau public and I'm stuck in an E-learning activity due to a data source. The activity requires two separate data sources for data blending Order(superstore sales) and Quota (US… (Show more)
in Tableau Public
Andrew Hoyt
Hello,   I am trying to embed a dashboard on a website using tableau public, but I am having some trouble configuring my data source. I want to use a google sheet as my data source so that the… (Show more)
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David Hares
Hi I'm using Tableau Public perfectly happily to create brand new visualisations, but continually run into problems when trying to refresh the data that my visualisations are based on.   Using an… (Show more)
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Dan Benevento
Hi - I'm trying to embed Tableau Public reports into our companies wordpress webpage. Everything looks great in desktop, and there are a lot of great resources to address embed issues on desktop… (Show more)
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Javier Paniagua
Hi,   I have been using Tableau for a short time and I have a question about the Web Data Connector. I hope you can help me. If I set a Web Data Connector in Tableau Public, is the data updated… (Show more)
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Arijit Chakraborty
Hi, I have installed tableau public 2020.2 version. However, after creating chart i am unable to export or copy image as export function under worksheet tab is grayed out and even when i try to… (Show more)
in Tableau Public
albert c
I followed Getting Started | Introduction to Tableau to add a csv file.     my tableau doesn't show the type of cross-database join as the one above     I am using the public edition (2020.2.1… (Show more)
in Tableau Public
Ariel Pohoryles
Try the native Tableau download button in Edge (and IE) and you will get an error: "Error: Download isn't supported by this browser. Use a different browser and try again." You can quickly replicate… (Show more)
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