• Error when configuring tableau online for SAML authentication (Onelogin)

    Hello Guys!   I had a trouble when I tried to import onelogin metadata in step 4. I got the follow error msg: "Your file could not be imported. The provided file is not valid, or it does not contain the correct ...
    Fábio Abilio
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  • Tableau Online - Dashboard - View Data Summary vs. Full Data

    Hello!  I published a dashboard to Tableau Online and gave access to my co-worker.  I am an admin.  He is a Viewer.    When I click on a portion of the dashboard and View Data, I have the op...
    Katherine Priore
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  • Tableau Online Extracts

    Hi there, I am facing an issue with my Tableau Online. Since yesterday all my Online Scheduled Extracts still Pending. I have canceled them to start fresh and when they do run again they stay pending and never Finish....
    miguel andrades
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  • subscription not only to user, how to subscribe to emailaddress

    Wondering if it is possible to subscribe a worksheet not to the users connected to Tableau Online, but others as well. Since I want to distribute a worksheets within the company but not only to those who are connected...
    Mark Wolters
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  • Spatial file | Census Tracts for the entire US

    I am looking to see if some on the board have gone through the exercise of either building or locating a spatial file with Census Tracts for the entire US. Through US census bureau Tableau API builder we can download ...
    Essen Yousaf
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  • "Who Has Seen This View" - Is there a way to get this data for all reports in the Tabluea online env?

    I currently use "Who Has Seen This View" to understand if old dashboards are still being used. I want to get this data for 400 dashboards - how can I do this without having click "Who Has Seen This View" for each d...
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  • Relative Dominance of Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell in the NBA

    Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell were two of the greatest basketball players to ever live. Basketball fans hear tales of Wilt's life and records as if he is a piece of folklore. Something missing amongst all of thei...
    Vincent Yabor
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  • To put a reference line

      i am trying to achieve the first dashboard the second dashboard is what i did  how do i put same colour on a bullet
    Chinemerem Ugagu
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  • Is there an alternative to sets

    Hi Friends,   I created a set to select top 10 list from product list based on volume. I am using both set and LOD's in my dashboard.   When I noticed that sets are not working as expected, I added conte...
    Reddy Rani Ayyappaneni
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  • Tableau Prep Result .csv separated by ;

    Hello,   How can I export the result as a .csv file and the fields separated by semicolons (;) using Tableau Prep? I can't see this option when I see run flow.   Kind Regards, Many thanks.   Javier A...
    Javier Arias
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  • how to convert a whole number into decimal

    Hello,   I'd like to know how can I transform a whole number into decimal using Tableau Prep.   It corresponds to the column "velocidadMedia.Element:Text" . My final number must be clean of letters and sig...
    Javier Arias
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  • Help us name our new feature!

    Hey folks, the content management team is gathering feedback on what to name a new feature. If you can, please take a second and share your thoughts on what this should be called.   Feature description - A priva...
    Michelle Kosterich
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  • Blank mapamundi from generated lat/lon

    I'm using Tableau online in server with version 2019.4.5. When I put a pill with postcode geographical data, It shows the mapamundi but without any kind of information. The weird thing is that my teammate, with the sa...
    Aaron Gonzalez
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  • Splunk query for analyzing Bridge Log.

    Hi All,   Does anyone have a Splunk query to analyze the Bridge Logs? I am using the "TabBridgeClientWorker_svc_<DateTime>" log file but want to organize the data in Splunk and connect Tableau to Splunk fo...
    Abhishek Das
    created by Abhishek Das
  • Increase Site Concurrent refresh capacity for Tableau Online

    Hi All,   Can we increase the Site Concurrent refresh capacity for a specific Site on Tableau Online? If Yes how easy or difficult it would be from the Tableau side to perform?   Doc: Tableau Online Site C...
    Abhishek Das
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  • Is Tableau Online Concurrent Refresh Capacity includes Bridge Extracts?

    Hi All,   Tableau Online Site capacity document says that "Jobs that count toward concurrent refresh capacity include scheduled refreshes, manual refreshes, extract creation, and command line or API calls that t...
    Abhishek Das
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  • Consultant support needed for setting up Tableau Bridge

    I'm looking for a consultant to help me set up a Tableau bridge configuration. I will have VPN access to the client server and just need someone to help guide me through the process of setting it up and then connect...
    Patrick Myles
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  • Can we blend/join on two Tableau Online extracts?

    I'm looking to take two separate Tableau Online data extracts, and use them as two Data Sources in Tableau Desktop to create a new workbook which I can then publish back to Tableau Online. Is this possible?   Th...
    Arran Sadlier
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  • Filters in Tableau online

    Hello,   Possibly a silly question but is there a way to lock a filter in a published Dashboard by a user? The idea is that the Dashboard is published for all region but a user wants to log in and see only his ...
    Justyna Nowakowska
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  • Hierarquia

    Bom dia,   No Tableau eu criei uma hierarquia para os usuários, sendo Nível 1 = Diretor, Nível 2 = Gerente Regional assim até o nível 7. Uso ela em alguns gráficos para demon...
    Edelaine  silqueira
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