• Extract png / base64 image of dashboard from JavaScript API

    I have a dashboard URL: https://10ay.online.tableau.com/t/myCompany/views/ExecutiveDashboard/ExecDashboard?:embed=y&:showAppBanner=false&:display_count=no&:showVizHome=no&:device=desktop I've noticed ...
    Lindsey Simon
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  • Drill Down with Map (Upto Level 3)

    Hi,   I want to impliment a drill down map upto level two it is working fine Level 1  Country (sum of property) Level 2 State (sum of property) Level 3 City (sum of property)     I want a dril...
    Ibrar Ahmad
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  • Fiscal Year Changes When Publishing to Tableau Online

    Hello, below is a picture of a chart in Tableau desktop, modified to match my July fiscal year. The second picture is the same graph in Tableau Online, where it has reverted back to January. My data source is through ...
    Alex Goral
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  • Disable Clickjack for Tableau Online

    I'm learning to use Tableau Javascript API and I'm working on embedding multiple dashboards into a website at the same div location depending on what dropdown the user chooses. The first Viz loads just fine but when I...
    Chelsea Wilson
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  • Sort Controls Tableau Online - Always Off?

    I use Tableau Online, not Tableau Server. I was not able to find anyone else talking about this, so here we go..   Today one of my users told me about the one click sort button going missing.   It is there...
    Kord Kindred
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  • Data-Driven Alerts for Tableau Online

    Self-service data driven alerting for end users is now available for Tableau Online. How are you using alerts in your workflow? What do you think so far? Let us know of any feedback!
    Candy Wong
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  • Does Tableau Online send notification to users automatically if I update or upload new dash?

    Hi everyone,   I am not familiar with Tableau Online. If I publish the new workbook/dash to Tableau one, will all users receive the notification email or do I have to set anything? Thank you in advance.
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  • Use multiple Measures coming from Diff Tables in one KPI

    Dear Team,   I have requirement like i have 3 tables Yearly table,Monthly, Original Transaction Table and have 5 global filters(Year,Month,Week,Country,Region).   If user passes  year selection value ...
    Surendra Peddabattigalla
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  • REST API calls to publish a datasource responds with 502 error

    I am using the Tableau REST API documentation to build a java client that will publish a hyper extract datasource to our Tableau Online site.  I am able to get the fileUploadID, but when i use it to PUT the multi...
    Matt Ryan
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  • Planning to migrate from Tableau Server to Tableau Online

    Hi,   We are planning to migrate from Tableau Server to Tableau Online.   In Tableau Server we have published number of workbooks , created usage report and have 100 viewer licenses.   When migrate t...
    Minnu Meena
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  • Color for reference lines / standard deviation lines in Tableau Online

    Hi all,   I have been using Tableau Online lately and came across a limitation as compared to Tableau Desktop. I am trying to edit colors of the Average, Standard deviation lines on the Online version and it wou...
    Monish Moryani
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  • Tooltip API

    I have a requirement to show the data in tooltip which needs to be pushed through REST API. is there any Tableau REST API to show the tooltip? If not, is there a way to create customized API using Java or any other l...
    Kulandaivel Ramalingam
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  • Live connection to the MS SQL server database

    Hello,             I was  trying to establish live connection with MS SQL Server database (Which is not in AZURE). I published data source separately and se...
    vandana ratakonda
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  • Customize Traffic to Views (in Site Status) Dashboard

    Hello,   Is there a way to customize (add more tables, filters, etc.) to the Traffic to Views dashboard in the Site Status section? What I am trying to do is filter the data by user (to exclude site admin explor...
    Haolun We
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  • Problems with Refresh SurveyMonkey Web Data Connector

    Hello! I have been using Tableau in my organization , right now I have SurveyMonkey Enterpise  I try to connect a Survey with web data connector but when i want to refresh the data in my Tableau Online it doesnt...
    Loren Ogushi
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  • Date - Weekly

    My company data contains dates and the way they used to plot it on excel used to be weekly for 1 month. For example: To generate a report from 08/03 - 08/30 they look at it from Saturday to Friday: 08/03 - 08/09 0...
    Monish Moryani
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  • Webhook Target URL

    All,   I have recently read about the "tableau webhook ", I https://10ax.online.tableau.com/#/site/tableaurddev869018/home   My tableau online account url. I have admin access.   Which url I have t...
    Karthikeyan Masialamani
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  • New Whitepaper: Managing Tableau Bridge at Scale

    Hey Data Rockstars,   We have a brand new whitepaper on the website written by Tableau Product Manager, Miranda Osterheld, about managing and deploying Tableau Bridge at scale. This informative document will he...
    Greg Bennett
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  • Action Filters not working properly in annotated area

    Hi,   I have created a dashboard with two views and created an action filter on one view which filters the data of other view based on the selection.   Source view of action filter is a graph with the shap...
    Ambarish Karambelkar
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  • Text Table Formatting in Tableau Online

    Is it possible to format text tables with Tableau online?  The help files talk about flicking the format menu and then selecting Worksheet.  When I click on the format menu, only Workbook appears.  I wo...
    Hank Kollross
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