• Search text and give space

    Hi all, I need to create following calculated column Is this possible? Thanks Sac
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  • Calculation impossible

    I need to find how to made  2 sets: 60 kaps   + PR     (Unique ' ID ' and on 'Date') 120 kaps + PR     (Unique ID and Date)   Se my excel file  ...
    Bozena Hansen
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  • Trigger Tableau Bridge Client using command line

    Hi all,     The following process is used to refresh data on Tableau Online. Today I have a process where every 30 min windows scheduler triggers a code that extracts data, runs tableau prep(using cli) and...
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  • Tableau 2019.4 Dashboards

    Hi Community,   We have 2019.1.0 Tableau Desktop and in house server with same version.   Some of our users wants to access the dashboards from the Tableau Conference that happened recently, these dashboar...
    Paulina Lawson
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  • Tableau online - The request limit for the database is 60 and has been reached

    Dear Community.   I just started to use Tableu. I started a Tableau trial version and made a connection to my Azure SQL database.   Everything worked fine and i was happy with how the app worked but tod...
    Emil Kl
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  • Caching on Tableau Online

    Hi, I am creating my first dashboard for use within Tableau Online and am using live connections to a Google Cloud MySQL database. My data changes periodicaly (say, once every 5 minutes) and the changes are usually u...
    Wayne Burwell
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  • Using Salesforce as the identity provider for SAML and integration

    I want to embed a Tableau viz in our Salesforce instance such that each Salesforce user can log into his/her Salesforce account and see a Tableau viz dynamically pulling the data specific to that person. To do this us...
    Avi Dagan
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  • Tableau Online - Change site role when I'm having one license

    Hi, I've got one creator License. now I want to change the license from one user to another.   I assume that when I change the creator to unlicensed, I won't be able to assign creator.   what is the best...
    Jacob Baruch
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  • Hide Specific Workbook or Project from end user

    I have tableau creator license and it include tableau online license as well. I have created my reports in tableau desktop and published it to web and I have create for eg. Five projects and I have Five users and eac...
    Harpreet Chatha
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  • Users cannot receive Tableau online email invitations

    We have no issues inviting users who use cooperate email addresses to Tableau Online. However, Tableau online email invitations to users who do not use the cooperate email address go missing. Users do not receive the ...
    Tara Cai
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  • Unexpected Server Error

    Hi fellow Tableau users,   A colleague of mine received the following tableau online unexpected server message.     I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has experienced this, knows wha...
    Amar Joshi
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  • Refreshing data from Amazon Red shift to Tableau Online

    Hi,   I Exported data from Amazon Red Shift and created some graph... Now i want to publish it in tableau online(live connection) and after i want to refresh data..   My Question is 1. After creating gra...
    hari prasad
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  • How to share calculated fields within published data sources between multiple users?

    Hi fam,   We are currently looking at doing some work to clean up our tableau workbooks, data sources and projects.   To date we have all been creating our own data sources (connected to sql) and creating ...
    Kevin Cox
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  • Sort does not show up in Tableau Online

    Hi all,   Have inherited a couple of Tableau dashboards and am still very much new to the program - as you might notice by my question below.   One of the dashboards I'm now maintaining contains a ranked l...
    Jelle Rhebergen
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  • Tableau Online

    Hi,   I published my Dashboard in tableau online.   Now i want to refresh automatically like if i edit any data in my excel the dashboard will update automatically.
    hari prasad
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  • Tableau Online Data Refresh

    Hi,   I published my Dashboard in tableau online.   Now i want to refresh automatically like if i edit any data in my excel the dashboard will update automatically.    
    hari prasad
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  • Activate Filter based on Selection of Another Filter

    Hi All,   I am trying to apply a filter based on the values achieved from the application of a prior filter.     Here is what I am looking to achieve: 1- I set 'Month' as a filter and select "janu...
    Talal Ali
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  • Top Products Each Month- how do I?

    Hi All, I am new to using Tableau online and have limited use of Tableau desktop (long, long ago, in a role at a different company...)   I am working on a really great dashboard project but I am stumped.  ...
    Tessa Hauck
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  • Extract refreshes on Tableau Online

    Hi All,   I have a datasource published on Tableau online and it gets successfully refreshed on Tableau bridge:   Now, i have two workbooks connected to same data source out of which one gets refresh and o...
    Kawaljeet kaur
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  • Adding Locations to Map

    Hello,   If I want to add two locations to an existing worksheet map, how would I go about doing that? I have a mapped worksheet which contains multiple sets of data, I just want to pin point two locations to t...
    Donnie Guthrie
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