• Assistance required on how to “Increase the Maximum Rows & Columns Levels” in a Tableau Online based workbook?

    Hi All,   I would appreciate any insight on how to “Increase the Maximum Rows & Columns Levels” in my Tableau Online based workbook?   Context, When working in “Tableau Desktop”...
    LanceCM Martens
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  • pick data from different tables based on User selection and display dashboard

    Dear Team,   I have requirement in Tableau like i have 2 tables (Year wise Aggregated table,Month Wise aggregated table). 1.If user passes year as selection then we need to display report with data from year wi...
  • Tableau Bridge Client App crashed

    Hi All,   Could anyone tell me the way to resolve the Tableau Bridge Client App crash?
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  • Understanding Tableau Nested Project Permissions

    I spent hours and hours to test Tableau's new nested project and its permissions. My test results are presented at today's Tableau Server Admin virtual user group meeting. The deck used is also attached and the record...
    Mark Wu
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  • "Publish" a dashboard onto tableau online

    Hi community   so i've been working off a tableau site online by creating a workbook off a browser. How do i "publish" just a dashboard and not the working copy of the workbook ? I feel very handicapped as i a...
    Gavin Wong
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  • Schema/ Data table Mismatch Error when Published in Tableau Online

    Hi All   When I am trying to publish my workbook in Tableau Online It is showing an Error Image Like as below     Help me to fix the Issue   Regards Munaf
    Abdul Munaf
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  • Tableau Online 2019.2:  Authentication with Tableau or Google

    Hey folks.  I have a project that will utilize Tableau Online and requires two-factor authentication (we've had Tableau Online set up for quite some time and are using it for several projects).  It appears t...
    kevin flerlage
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  • Worksheets, dashboards and stories in rest API

    How do we differentiate worksheets, dashboards and stories using REST API?
    Riya Malin
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  • Tableau online refresh doesn't work with Snowflake.

    I'm facing a weird challenge. We connect to our Snowflake instance via SAML/IDP (Okta) on Desktop. And when we publish the workbook it works great. Each analyst/Data scientist uses their own SAML login and 2FA to acce...
    Steve Brownell
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  • Using calculated field within a calculated field

    Hello.   I have 2 calculated fields.  AVG(Grade 1) and AVG (Grade 2).  If these 2 fields aren't null, I want to calculate a simple difference between the 2 averages.  How can I inject AVG(Grade 1)...
    Hank Kollross
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  • Extract png / base64 image of dashboard from JavaScript API

    I have a dashboard URL: https://10ay.online.tableau.com/t/myCompany/views/ExecutiveDashboard/ExecDashboard?:embed=y&:showAppBanner=false&:display_count=no&:showVizHome=no&:device=desktop I've noticed ...
    Lindsey Simon
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  • Unable to sign in to a Tableau dashboard

    hi there   I used to create an online dashboard in 2016  I want to access now.   All I got was Unable to Sign In Invalid username or password  The dashboard is at https://dub01.online.tableau...
    S S Yap
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  • How to refresh the data source automatically and share in tableau online?

    my data source is connect directly from oracle, have to refresh the data manually & share it to tableau online. any way to set it automated instead? thanks
    connie tan
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  • Calculated Fields with User Functions break when publishing data source

    Hi Tableau users,   We use Tableau's calculated field user functions, like FULLNAME(), in calculated fields to identify users and then display the information relevant to them in our dashboards. However, if I ...
    Ethan Polson
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  • Tableau Online site issue

    Hi Team,   I am new to tableau online. Recently we purchased tableau online licenses for one creator and 6 explorers. we have been given with tableau customer portal where I can see the keys, adding users, etc. ...
    vilas Mamidyala
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  • Error while publishing a data source in Tableau online

    Hi Everyone,   I am facing this error, when I tried to publish the data sources in Tableau online. The data source is a excel file which we create using certain set of files through VBA macro. The macro gives us...
    Vishnu Shankar
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  • Downloading working from Tableau Online with Data Source

    Hi there, I have a Tableau Online report with customized SQL code. I'd like to download the workbook in order to change the SQL code. How can i achieve this? Thank you Terence Mervis
    Terence Mervis
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  • RAM, CPU Cores and Storage in Tableau Online

    When searching for Tableau Online configurations i could not find any answers   1. What is the RAM of the server allocated for Tableau Online ? Is it scalable based on increased concurrent users and data size? I...
    Ashwath Raj
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  • Problems with Refresh SurveyMonkey Web Data Connector

    Hello! I have been using Tableau in my organization , right now I have SurveyMonkey Enterpise  I try to connect a Survey with web data connector but when i want to refresh the data in my Tableau Online it doesnt...
    Loren Ogushi
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  • Hide Specific Workbook or Project from end user

    I have tableau creator license and it include tableau online license as well. I have created my reports in tableau desktop and published it to web and I have create for eg. Five projects and I have Five users and eac...
    Harpreet Chatha
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