• Tableau online not refreshing error

    when I publish workbooks to the tableau server I publish them Embedded and write my password when publishing as I connect tableau to MySql and did an extract to the data. Now when I want to refresh the workbook on th...
    sa za
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  • Tableau eLearning Videos go blank

    Hi, I subscribed to the elearning for creators. 10 seconds into each video, the screen blanks out. The audio goes on, but I see nothing except a white screen. I've tried watching the video on both a windows and a mac ...
    Christie C
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  • Live connection to the MS SQL server database

    Hello,             I was  trying to establish live connection with MS SQL Server database (Which is not in AZURE). I published data source separately and se...
    vandana ratakonda
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  • Tableau Online Schedule Question About using Live and Extracted data-sources from CDATA for Azure Tables

    I have a AZURE TABLE which I use TABLEAU DESKTOP to create a data-source. I then publish it to TABLEAU ONLINE. My two questions are   1. Do I need to setup a Refresh Schedule for Live Data if I want newer data? ...
    cornelis de Jager
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  • Automating Data Flow Publishing on Tableau Online

    Hi there, is there a way to automate publishing/refreshing our data flows to Tableau Online. Having to manually update our data flows from our desktop and publish each day is not very efficient. I see for Tableau Serv...
    Madeleine Mindling
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  • Export a list of users from Tableau Online

    Hi,   Is there a way or workaround to export user list from Tableau Online site?   While researching on this, I found this article - https://kb.tableau.com/articles/issue/export-a-list-of-users-from-tablea...
    Sandeep Batlad
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  • Vlookup in Tableau Online

    I have 2 data sources. One is a database and the other is a local Excel file.   The primary key in the database is Invoice Number and Product Code in Excel file. One invoice can have multiple product codes. So,...
    Namit Singh
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  • Hide user search on Tableau Online (security breach)

    Hi Community!   We are assessing having an instance of Tableau Online to share dashboards with some of our customers. By testing we realized that all the users that are added to our instance of Tableau Online ar...
    Francisco Vargas
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  • Getting error when trying to publish from "Tableau online"

    Getting error when trying to publish from "Tableau online"   Error message: Not authorized Invalid username or password. (errorCode=16)   Password had been reset several times, but same error message....
    Laws Liu
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  • Microsoft SQL Server and Tableau Online

    Hi   Is it possible to refresh my extract in Tableau Online without install Tableau Bridge? My DB is a Microsft SQL Server   Regards, Jose Carlos
    Jose Carlos Sánchez
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  • Publishing a Workbook with an extract data source from Tableau Desktop to Tableau Online and keeping it up to date

    I have a Workbook I've created in Tableau Desktop that uses an Extract instead of a Live connection, because the SQL data source is huge and very slow when working on it.  My question is because desktop is dealin...
    Adam Augustine
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  • Microsoft Access and Tableau Online

    Hi all   I'm working on a proposal for a client and I have two questions I can not answer:        1- Is it possible to encrypt the communication between Tableau Online and the server ...
    Jose Carlos Sánchez
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  • Tableau Bridge Client App crashed

    Hi All,   Could anyone tell me the way to resolve the Tableau Bridge Client App crash?
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  • Unable to sign in to a Tableau dashboard

    hi there   I used to create an online dashboard in 2016  I want to access now.   All I got was Unable to Sign In Invalid username or password  The dashboard is at https://dub01.online.tableau...
    S S Yap
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  • Tableau Public Not Displaying for Some

    Hi all,   I am having a problem where I can view my Tableau Public, but another person cannot. I have tried to view it incognito, so I don't think it deals with permissions. The other person has tried viewing in...
    Allie Bing
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  • Trigger Tableau Bridge Client using command line

    Hi all,     The following process is used to refresh data on Tableau Online. Today I have a process where every 30 min windows scheduler triggers a code that extracts data, runs tableau prep(using cli) and...
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  • CustomSQL & Parameters breaks after save

    Is there a fix to custom sql queries breaking after saving?   See below: I have taken a union of a google sheet and connected it to a postgres database that I am calling with a customSQL.   This ideally sh...
    Gianni Santucci
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  • Assistance required on how to “Increase the Maximum Rows & Columns Levels” in a Tableau Online based workbook?

    Hi All,   I would appreciate any insight on how to “Increase the Maximum Rows & Columns Levels” in my Tableau Online based workbook?   Context, When working in “Tableau Desktop”...
    LanceCM Martens
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  • pick data from different tables based on User selection and display dashboard

    Dear Team,   I have requirement in Tableau like i have 2 tables (Year wise Aggregated table,Month Wise aggregated table). 1.If user passes year as selection then we need to display report with data from year wi...
  • Understanding Tableau Nested Project Permissions

    I spent hours and hours to test Tableau's new nested project and its permissions. My test results are presented at today's Tableau Server Admin virtual user group meeting. The deck used is also attached and the record...
    Mark Wu
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