• Tableau Online Connectors

    We have recently purchased Tableau online and up until recently have been publishing data to the server and updating it this way. My question is can we connect Tableau online to our Microsoft sql server via a live con...
    Barry Page
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  • Creating multiple dimensions for a grouping dimension

    Hi all!!   I've to analyze this sales data:     Sales Id Sales Detail Id Sales Detail Family SALES FAMILY Importe Importe Importe Importe total 1 A Cristal Graduado 5 10 30 EUROS 50 EUROS 1 B C...
    Marta Maldonado
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  • Remove Dash line divider

    Hello All,   Does anyone know how Can I remove dash line from the below table? Thanks
    arezoo afrouzeh
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  • Share your custom site logos!

    Just curious what everyone uses for their Tableau Online custom site logo(s)? Do you use a variation of your company's logo or just the default Tableau logo? We've recently tried branding our Tableau Online server int...
    Matt Hoover
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  • Extract Refresh at Tableau Online

    Hi All!   In my company we use Tableau Online to share dashboard with colleagues.   But there are some troubles: our data sources are too big and sometimes it's difficult to extract and refresh them. Some...
    Yanina Bykouskaya
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  • Tableau online displays-Site suspended error message

    I have 3 keys- explorer server, creator server, and creator desktop keys. but i couldn't login to online tableau. it displays site suspended error message. did i purchased the required keys? and how to solve this is...
    prajith akh
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  • The formula must be an aggregate calculation or refer only to this field

    I need help with the syntax of a formula. This is what I want to accomplish.   IF [Event Type] = "Sales Meeting" OR [Event Type] = "Team Tuesday" THEN ([Attendance %]) =  [60% - Attendance % Parameter] ...
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  • Pause Background Tasks for Extracts While Upsizing Cluster

    We are using AWS Redshift and need to upsize our cluster. Is there a way that I can pause background tasks for extracts while the upsize operation is in progress? Then, obviously, re-enable background tasks for extrac...
    Phillip Burger
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  • Tableau Online vs Tableau server

    Can someone provide answers to the below  questions :   Tableau Online vs Tableau Server Capabilities wise what is the difference?  Apart from the ability to LIVE connect to On Prem data sources & ...
    Tableau Guru
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  • Changing Data Source from Extract to Live Error

    Hi All   I am new to Tableau online and have a problem which I need to fix urgently. I created a workbook by connecting directly to Google Big Query as my data source. All the connection were live and I changed ...
    Frank Vahid Razaghzadeh
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  • Creating Extracts via Tableau Online

    Hello Everyone   Quick question: I am not able to create an extract within a workbook when two MySql connections are involved. The error says to "Missing or incorrect embedded credentials. Use 'Edit Connection...
    Padraig O connell
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  • Based on max date need the value from second column

    Column status contains the different cycle status from START to END for one  SERIAL NUMBER. Grouped by SERIAL NO I am looking the latest status ie. END in REQUIRED DATA field. I tried using   ...
    Ranjeet Khopde
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  • TL/DR – looking for suggestions on how to create something that functions like a data warehouse for an organization using Tableau Online, but without long-term DBA type upkeep required

    I work in a small fundraising shop that uses Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge for their data, hosted by Concourse.  Before I came on board, they hired a consultant to help them build a “data warehouse”.&...
    Angie Lafferty
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    Hello community of tableau, has happened to you that you download a view to excel from tableau online and it doesn't come with all the data. How could I correct it? I have a field in the view that has 0 on the left ....
    Yeyner Escobar
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  • 2019.4 isn't properly connecting online data source to desktop

    Just like the title says, I open desktop 2019.4, open an existing workbook which has an existing connection to 3 data sources online and am prompted to 'edit connection'. I use the quick link 'Tableau Online' and a...
    Amberly Armstrong
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  • Tableau Online - MAB integration

    Hello All   Apologies if this is a repeated question, I started working on Tableau integration recently, I searched forums and couldn't find anything which can answer this   Env 1. Tableau online 2. Reac...
    Saurabh Periwal
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  • Tableau Online and Add to a Group functionnality

    Dear all,   I have just created with Tableau Desktop a dashboard where the objective is to be able to add or to remove to an existing group some records. Under Tableau Desktop, I managed to do something that wo...
    Vincent PAREZ
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  • Tableau Online Suspended

    Hi Team, My Tableau online account is not accessible. Below is the snapshot of error msg when i try to log in. Could you please help me on the same  
    Anushree Shetty
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  • Tableau Online Refresh not showing all rows

    I have a report that looks at user call data from the previous day, and when I look at it in the mornings, most of the rows are missing. I tried refreshing the extract in tableau online, and that didn't appear to work...
    Jonah Lipton
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  • What do I do when a Tableau Online New user does not receive their invitation?

    We use Tableau Online to provide interactive dashboards to survey clients. I've sent up ~30 over the years. It doesn't always work first time.   When new user does not receive their invitation email, I delete th...
    Helen Lindsay
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