• Tableau Online

    Hi,   I published my Dashboard in tableau online.   Now i want to refresh automatically like if i edit any data in my excel the dashboard will update automatically.
    hari prasad
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  • Tableau Online Data Refresh

    Hi,   I published my Dashboard in tableau online.   Now i want to refresh automatically like if i edit any data in my excel the dashboard will update automatically.    
    hari prasad
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  • Activate Filter based on Selection of Another Filter

    Hi All,   I am trying to apply a filter based on the values achieved from the application of a prior filter.     Here is what I am looking to achieve: 1- I set 'Month' as a filter and select "janu...
    Talal Ali
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  • Top Products Each Month- how do I?

    Hi All, I am new to using Tableau online and have limited use of Tableau desktop (long, long ago, in a role at a different company...)   I am working on a really great dashboard project but I am stumped.  ...
    Tessa Hauck
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  • Extract refreshes on Tableau Online

    Hi All,   I have a datasource published on Tableau online and it gets successfully refreshed on Tableau bridge:   Now, i have two workbooks connected to same data source out of which one gets refresh and o...
    Kawaljeet kaur
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  • Adding Locations to Map

    Hello,   If I want to add two locations to an existing worksheet map, how would I go about doing that? I have a mapped worksheet which contains multiple sets of data, I just want to pin point two locations to t...
    Donnie Guthrie
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  • Tableau Online and Public Supported Fonts

    We have recently updated our list of available fonts on Tableau Online and Public. If you have these fonts installed, you can use and publish your vizzes with them. Keep in mind, the consumer of your viz must also hav...
    Nick Parsons
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  • Customer BIN Movements Daily

    Hello there Experts,   I have came up with the below stated issue.   I have a customer set which have segmented accordingly to their behavior. As an example if the customer's purchasing, spend pattern, rep...
    Willium Fox
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  • Need Help - Counting the Number of Times a Record Appears

    Hello,   I am trying to count the number of times each unique ID number appears within my data and then summarize it.  Below I have a sample of the data and a sample of the desired output:   Sample Da...
    Brian Daily
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  • Problem connecting Tableau Online to Snowflake via Okta

    Hello everyone!   I'm currently in the process of evaluating Tableau Online as a replacement for our current reporting tool.  However I'm running into an issue when creating a connection between Tableau and...
    Glen Park
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  • Grand Total Percentages

    Hi All,   Trying to do only  grand total percentage, can anyone please help me out.  
    hari prasad
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  • Sort does not show up in Tableau Online

    Hi all,   Have inherited a couple of Tableau dashboards and am still very much new to the program - as you might notice by my question below.   One of the dashboards I'm now maintaining contains a ranked l...
    Jelle Rhebergen
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  • Recent Users action Download Workbook

    We're moving to Online and we were digging through the Admin view 'Actions by Recent Users.' We noticed the action 'Download Workbook' appear suspiciously. For example, Viewers that don't have the permission to downlo...
    Daren Cullimore
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  • Tableau refreshextract does nothing ()

    With Tableau online, I am running a command line 'refreshexstract' from a desktop, from where I published the data-sources. tableau resfreshextract --source-username UserName_A --source-password Password_A -s http...
    cornelis de Jager
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  • Hide user search on Tableau Online (security breach)

    Hi Community!   We are assessing having an instance of Tableau Online to share dashboards with some of our customers. By testing we realized that all the users that are added to our instance of Tableau Online ar...
    Francisco Vargas
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  • My 1st Post!: Trying to find Callback Percentage

    Afternoon, hoping someone can assist.   I am extremely new to Tableau so I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction or assist with getting my proper calculation. Here's what I'm working with. I have...
    Donnie Guthrie
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  • Connect to Azure Blob Storage

    Hi, I have a Excel/ .csv file stored in Azure blob storage. Can I connect the  Excel/.csv file from Tableau Desktop/Tableau Online? Please advise. Thank You.   Regards. Pulak ranjan Nath
    pulak nath
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  • How to Export list of users with all available from Tableau Online Landing Page

    How to Export list of users with all available fields from Tableau Online Landing Page ? Please see attached.   The TS_Users & TS_Events are not reflecting updated user login activity information but when I...
    Musarrat Zamir
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  • Extract png / base64 image of dashboard from JavaScript API

    I have a dashboard URL: https://10ay.online.tableau.com/t/myCompany/views/ExecutiveDashboard/ExecDashboard?:embed=y&:showAppBanner=false&:display_count=no&:showVizHome=no&:device=desktop I've noticed ...
    Lindsey Simon
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  • Drill Down with Map (Upto Level 3)

    Hi,   I want to impliment a drill down map upto level two it is working fine Level 1  Country (sum of property) Level 2 State (sum of property) Level 3 City (sum of property)     I want a dril...
    Ibrar Ahmad
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