• How to refresh tableau bridge extract refresh based on selected parameter value

    Hello everyone,   I'm using mysql custom query to load data to tableau.  In the query im using a where clause with parameter and in some joins like below to pull the data based on the user selection. In the...
    Sreenath Raveendran
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  • Tableau refreshextract does nothing ()

    With Tableau online, I am running a command line 'refreshexstract' from a desktop, from where I published the data-sources. tableau resfreshextract --source-username UserName_A --source-password Password_A -s http...
    cornelis de Jager
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  • Average, Sum, Totals with Calculated field

    Hello everyone,   this has been a head scratcher for me, I can do few things with tableau but I am by no means a pro and that one I just cannot figure out.   I m trying to do what you see in green below: ...
    Sean Fliege
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  • Looking for a way of deleting recent activity from Tableau Online Homepage for all users remotely

    Hi, I am looking for a way for IT to delete recent activity from Tableau Online Homepage for all users remotely. Is that possible or if anyone has done this exercise please share.   The reason is we have perfor...
    Musarrat Zamir
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  • Add Multiple Labels to Chart

    Hi,   Hope someone can help me on this   For each Reference Date  I have calculated the difference between the Value in Position 1 and the Value and Position 2 (US delta).     &...
    Maria Furfaro
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  • Problems with Refresh SurveyMonkey Web Data Connector

    Hello! I have been using Tableau in my organization , right now I have SurveyMonkey Enterpise  I try to connect a Survey with web data connector but when i want to refresh the data in my Tableau Online it doesnt...
    Loren Ogushi
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  • web application embedding  with tableau online

    Right now i am working on tableau online trial version. i am planning to buy tableau online. my 1st question/requirement is,   1.I want to showcase my views on clients application with java script API. So do i h...
    Mohini Deshmukh
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  • Scheduled Extract Not refreshing data in Worksheets

    Hello,   I have an Extract that is not updating on Tableau Online.  The Extract is from a SQL Stored Procedure and is used to populate data on two Worksheets. It's set on a scheduled task to refresh every m...
    Tyrella Ferrill
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  • Questions to the Tableau community regarding experience with certain functionalities

    Hey! I am a student from Germany and interested in the expansion of visual analytics tools in terms of reports/dashboards/presentations. For my seminar work I want to gather some information regarding the alternation ...
    Stefan Gutsch
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  • What's new in Tableau Online | September 2019

    Lots of great new features available with Tableau Online 2019.3 What's New in Tableau Online - Tableau   Support for Italian added Tableau Data Management Add-on Tableau Catalog Explain Data Ask Data impro...
    Ciara Brennan
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  • Performance issue in tableau online

    Hello All, My Database is Huge in Millions and its will touch Billion in few months.   Facing Performance issues even after i deploy the dashboard in tableau online. Is there any solution to fix this?   &#...
    Baalaaji Manivannan
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  • Tableau Online and Public Supported Fonts

    We have recently updated our list of available fonts on Tableau Online and Public. If you have these fonts installed, you can use and publish your vizzes with them. Keep in mind, the consumer of your viz must also hav...
    Nick Parsons
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  • Tableau Online SAML Authentication for Site Creator role

    Hi there,   We have own Tableau Online site, which has only one user and this user has the site creator role license. We also have multiple dashboards published on our site. We would like to apply SSO login func...
    Guillem Garcia
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  • Hanging on to DB connections in Tableau online with MySQL

    Hi all,   Hoping for some help / insight into a problem I'm facing now. We are using Tableau Online with MySQL 5.5.54 (read copy of an AWS RDS instance) and run some views (about 15) as subscriptions with near-...
    Gorkem Sevinc
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  • Need Help with updating dashboards (created in desktop) in Tableau Online

    Hi All,   So I dumped data from salesforce into postgres and created a dashboard in tableau desktop.I published that dashboard in tableau online to share with my peers. Now the data in postgres in updated daily ...
    shweta pai
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  • Integration Tableau Online with WebApp

    Trusted Authentication is not used with Tableau Online. So how can I use Basic Authentication to  skip login credentials screen for Dynamic Load report with the Javascript API  ?
    Jacky Liu
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  • unable to refresh bridge - connected data source

    Hi   I am new to tableau and online/server. I have created several dashboards with different data sources (6 in total) through SQL. The extracts refresh via the tableau bridge and have been refreshing daily with...
    Adam Wardle
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  • Disconnecting data source when published to Tableau Public's Gallery

    Hi, I'm new to Tableau Online so hope to find answers about publishing to Gallery here. What I'm trying to do is to publish my workbook from Tableau Desktop (ver.2019.1) to Gallery while allowing others to be able to ...
    Belle Podeanu
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  • Last login in Admin insights is incorrect

    Hi,   I have observed that actual last sign in time of a user on tableau online is different than what appears in TS user data source of admin insights. Anybody has any idea about this. I want to check my site...
    Ambarish Karambelkar
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  • AWS server connection issue using My SQL Database

    Hello Everyone,   I have connected data warehouse(AWS server) using My SQL on Tableau Desktop. I have published the data source(live connection) embedding the credentials on Tableau Online. However after publish...
    Tanay Choudhary
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