• Tableau Online Refresh not showing all rows

    I have a report that looks at user call data from the previous day, and when I look at it in the mornings, most of the rows are missing. I tried refreshing the extract in tableau online, and that didn't appear to work...
    Jonah Lipton
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  • What do I do when a Tableau Online New user does not receive their invitation?

    We use Tableau Online to provide interactive dashboards to survey clients. I've sent up ~30 over the years. It doesn't always work first time.   When new user does not receive their invitation email, I delete th...
    Helen Lindsay
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  • Tableau Online Suspended

    Hi Team, My Tableau online account is not accessible. Below is the snapshot of error msg when i try to log in. Could you please help me on the same  
    Anushree Shetty
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  • Error "The load was not able to complete successfully"  when taking data extract on Tableau Online

    Hi ,   I am trying to take the extract on live data source I published on server. After trying many times the job is failed every time I take the extract, with the same error.   The detailed error is : &...
    Michael Duca
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  • Tableau Online vs Tableau server

    Can someone provide answers to the below  questions :   Tableau Online vs Tableau Server Capabilities wise what is the difference?  Apart from the ability to LIVE connect to On Prem data sources & ...
    Tableau Guru
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  • Tableau Online and Add to a Group functionnality

    Dear all,   I have just created with Tableau Desktop a dashboard where the objective is to be able to add or to remove to an existing group some records. Under Tableau Desktop, I managed to do something that wo...
    Vincent PAREZ
    created by Vincent PAREZ
  • Tableau

    I want to connect RDS in a private subnet from the tableau online. Is there any way to connect without using ha_proxy?
    sai krishna
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  • Filter in Tableau online dashboard does not appear fully

    Good afternoon,   Whilst on a zoom conversation with a colleague it was noted that when he shared his screen of the dashboard I had published to the works online account the filters did not appear fully on his l...
    Glyn Bourne
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  • Embedding a Tableau Online Workbook on a Public Website

    Hello, I am trying to do the simple task of making public a Tableau Online workbook that has a daily refresh on my website. However, the embedded code is still requiring viewers to sign in when the visit the webpage. ...
    Stephen Strosko
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  • Table with 2 individually countable date fields

    Hi all,   I've seen that this question has been asked and answered under some forms and I am sorry for the repetition, but I still couldn't find an answer for it. Basically, I am working with a student database ...
    Mihai Marin
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  • Best process for combining multiple distinct workbooks which already exist in Tableau Online?

    I'm looking to create a dash based off of multiple separate workbooks each with separate data sources which already exist on Tableau Online?   What are Tableau forum users' preferred work flows for approaching t...
    Arran Sadlier
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  • embedded tableau blank until undo

    We have taken many Tableau online links and posted them to our websites for our clients to see and use. When the client first clicks on our website the dashboard is blank.  If the client clicks undo, then the das...
    Luke Barry
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  • Quickbook Online and Tableau Online - Refreshing Data Process

    Hi There,   I'm using Tableau Online getting information from Quickbook Online. Everything works good and I've scheduled refresh dayly, but the process of refresh sometimes fail and I edit connection and run the...
    Paulo Anjos
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  • Display Rank values for KPI when User select one filter value only

    Hello Team,   Thanks for supporting. new requirement like i have 2 KPI's Sum(Sales),Sum(Profit) and one Filter on customer dimension.   Issue: When user selects One customer from filter only we need to di...
    Surendra Peddabattigalla
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  • Auto refresh Tableau online dashboard using "Auto refresh" Chrome extension

    Hi all,   I've created a view in tableau online using a live connection. I want to the page to refresh automaticly every 10 minutes. It can only be done by pressing the refresh button in the dashboard/view in tab...
    Pieter Jansen
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  • Unable to retrieve data from Bigquery

    We currently have several tables in BQ. When I attempt to retrieve any data from them via Tableau I retrieve the following error:   The Google BigQuery service has denied access for this request. Access Denied:...
    Jeffrey Kinman
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  • Automatically refresh dashboard in Tableau Online

    Hi,   We built a dashboard and published it with Tableau Online. The data sources are updated via extracts every hour. We would like to constantly display the dashboard on a dedicated screen so we can always ke...
    France Marmousez
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  • Recent Users action Download Workbook

    We're moving to Online and we were digging through the Admin view 'Actions by Recent Users.' We noticed the action 'Download Workbook' appear suspiciously. For example, Viewers that don't have the permission to downlo...
    Daren Cullimore
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    Hello community of tableau, has happened to you that you download a view to excel from tableau online and it doesn't come with all the data. How could I correct it? I have a field in the view that has 0 on the left ....
    Yeyner Escobar
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  • full screen/Tableau online/Story

    Hi guys, is it possible to present a story as a full screen in tablau online and how?     Thank you!
    Dilyana Suleymanova
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