• Admin Insights Starter - updated with interactive license exploration

    Between about 4 PM and midnight Pacific Time on June 19, your site received an updated Admin Insights starter workbook. Congratulations! You now have a completely redesigned User Role Drilldown dashboard to quickly he...
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  • Ross_chapter5.twbx

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  • Managing Tableau Bridge at Scale

    Tableau Bridge is a necessary component to many successful organizations leveraging Tableau Online and looking to ensure connectivity for their “on-premises” data sources. Bridge can be effectively scaled ...
    Miranda Osterheld
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  • Admin Insights for your Tableau Online site

    We’ve heard from site admins like you that you need more data to answer business-critical questions about your site usage and to better understand your own deployment on Tableau Online.   Coming soon in 2...
    Greg Bennett
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  • A new home experience coming to Tableau Online

      Coming soon in 2019.2, you’ll be greeted by a new homepage experience when you log-in to your Tableau Online site.   The new home experience is designed to help you locate the most relevant data s...
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  • Tableau 2 w: excell.twbx

    Global Superstore recent trends
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  • Untitled spreadsheet - Sheet1 (1).csv

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  • Upcoming Scheduled Maintenance: US-West-2B and US-East-1 Environments

    Hello Tableau Online admins,   Please be advised that the Tableau Online US-West-2B environment will undergo a scheduled maintenance on Saturday, March 30th, 2019 from 6:00pm UTC to 2:00am UTC. During this time...
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  • Data Science 6 th Batch.xlsx

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  • tabcmd on Linux for Tableau Online - Java Installation Requirements

    I found myself quite frustrated installing tabcmd on a Linux server for connection to my client's Tableau online site.   Through trial and error I determined the necessary Java requirements which are not documen...
    Darren Douglas
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  • DUB01 Pod has completed the move to AWS.

    Hello Tableau Online Admins,   We have completed the move of the final, first-generation Tableau Online pod (DUB01) to Amazon Web Services.   The DUB01 pod migrated to AWS on Saturday, November 17, 2018. &#...
    Greg Bennett
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  • In Tableau I want to Create different levels on the basis of Percentage

    I have a situation where I have an measure named as ILSS we get ILSS using formula.   So we have ILSS calculated field. Keeping this calculated field in mind. For each product I want to keep them in Different le...
    Nitin  Soni
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  • change particular bars in bar chart as per value contains in that column

    Hi All,   I am new to this tableau world. I need you help to learn tableau. I am preparing monthly productivity dashboard. In my data I have employee columns and their productivity details. In employee column th...
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  • Tableau Online 2018.2 is here

    Tableau Online 2018.2 has arrived. In 2018.2, you will find Dashboard Extensions, additional commenting functionality, improvements to web authoring and a new, stand-alone Tableau Bridge. See all the new features here...
    Greg Bennett
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  • Tableau Online Pods 10AY and 10AZ Are Now on AWS

    Greetings Tableau Online Admins,   This weekend, we’ve successfully completed the migration of our legacy pods 10AY and 10AZ to AWS! As I’ve stated earlier, this move is part of our continuing effor...
    Brandon Babbitt
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  • Pod migrations to AWS scheduled for July 21st and 22nd

    Hello Tableau Online Admins!   As I let you know in my previous post, we’re in the process of moving our first-generation Tableau Online pods (10AY and 10AZ) to Amazon Web Services.   We’re con...
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  • Question1.xlsx

    Hi,   Need help to avoid the repetition in my customer field "Sold-to Name"?   Thanks Rekha.
    Rekha Ahileswaran
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  • A brand-new EU pod on AWS now available

    Last fall we announced the launch of an additional Tableau Online data center on Amazon Web Services. Today, we’re excited to let the Tableau community know that we’re launching a brand-new European Union ...
    Greg Bennett
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  • Data source recommendations now on Tableau Online!

    Hello Tableau Online Community!   Guess what? Data source recommendations has arrived on Tableau Online! This popular feature on Tableau Server is now available on Tableau Online for the first time. If you haven...
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  • Tableau Bridge Extracts: Centralizing and parallelizing

    Tableau Bridge lets publishers refresh published extracts directly from their computer, with little overhead. This means letting publishers refresh published extracts directly from their computer, and may mean many Br...
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